Jessica William

Graphic Designer

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

That little girl saying “I’m guardian” 🥺 That’s gonna happen in real life. Because of this episode. I’m emotional

this girl is on fire for many different reasons

the little girl saying "I'm guardian"

Blake is the guy that gets the girl then thinks his work is done

"These girls are truly a symbol of light for the world and humanity," said Robert McCreary, who helped lead the international rescue effort.

Blake is OVERWHELMED by this simple request from Tia?? Major red flag. Run, girl.

A girl is a gun

Serena taking full advantage of hotel amenities during the storm. Good girl.

Why did the black girl try to pull a Karen. “She keeps threatening me.”

gm i was thinking about the girls but in toman

the people that say brian laundrie did not kill gabby are brain dead. you don’t just hire an attorney and stay quiet after your girl goes missing unless you’re guilty. and then you RUN? hope they find his ass

“It’s been four years since me and the others were coded into existence!”

college girl but a freak on the weekend ❗️

good morning all 💙🙌🏻 Babu Energetic Dance + music 💥🤙

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Tia keeps talking about her vagina tingling.. Girl, that’s gonorrhea..

Aaron every single time one of his girls talks to another dude

Whattt he is literally saying them “pretty unusual guys” for your information unusual guys don’t give speeches at UN and our fandom is not just 15 years old girls we have 20,40 50 & even 60 year old people are armys so please do some research before saying something

+ deukae girls: honey