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Jessica William

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Is it Amazing?😯Retweet now Location : 📍Harihar Fort, Nashik, Maharashtra, India Photo by: Yogesh Pantoji IG: yo_panto_photography

Always been proud of her group 💛 and we're always so proud of you!! You made it Lisaaa!! 💛 You went above and beyond!! So amazing!! 💛 I love you ❤️

cal bowman in sex education s3 uses they/them pronouns and the actor, dua saleh, is a nonbinary lesbian and goes by they/he/xe??? I’m gonna cry this representation in mainstream media is so amazing

//Jesus y'all... Four-fucking-hundred of you are here now huh? That's wild! Thanks, everyone so much for all the support on here, I'm extremely new to this so getting such quick growth in this little community is amazing! In celebration of this: Klee wearing her normal outfit!

Super Junior rarely release dance practice videos, but at least we got a vocal practice video from Ryeonggu baby. I love how Ryeowook confidently posted KRY vocal practice. Well, their raw, live vocals sound really amazing... Of course he's confident 🤭

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What else you can't do my bunbun🤧 your so amazing

Remember ateez gonna do promotions on two very popular shows this week.. Showterview and amazing Saturday so keep up the hype and keep streaming

“ No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour and gender identity. Just speak yourself” This perked my interest in BTS. I remember these words by heart. Looking forward to ALL THE BEST. You are amazing! SO PROUD OF YOU!!

I love this hairstyle and this intense look. Win looks amazing in this photo.

"Alright that was amazing. Now let's see if Patrick Mahome--" CHIEFS SCORE

feeling awful but at least the show was amazing

x AMA Recap Our Live with was amazing! The guests revealed lots of cool things about their project! Check out the full AMA Recap here:

I been waiting for this for a long time, they look amazing 💖🤍

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indeed, the most amazing scene that wrote. when I first read calix’s POV, it was heartwarming to see that he witnessed vina worshiping God. he was so thankful that he gave her time & space because the woman he loves had a closer & strong relationship with God 🥺

Look how amazing this venue are. This will be the venue for UNGA 2021 & BTS will give a speech with more than 100 world leaders. Let’s witness this exciting moment tonight at 8AM EST block (9PM KST) !!

That smile 💙she looks amazing..