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Jessica William

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Space cat is always down for a little more food~

People need $ for rent, utilities, food & healthcare. We don’t need a network tv show about activism. We need the wealthy ppl who own the conglomerate media outlets to stop hoarding wealth & we need a direct influx of liquid cash to lowest wage earners. It’s not complicated.

but chae songhwa serving the food first to ikjun instead of munching all the tangsuyuk in front of her 😍

As Florida surpasses 50,000 COVID deaths, and the state is criticized for being the only in the nation that refuses to apply for $820 million in food aid that would benefit 2.1 million children, reminder DeSantis continues to travel the country to laugh it up with wealthy donors.

Several families live here in the most awful conditions. To supplement their food supply they tried to grow their own vegetables. Farm management told them to not use the farm water to water their small gardens. So the heavens sent lots of rain and they had a bumper harvest.

low cal foods/drinks that I’m obsessed with ; a thread 🧵

Haha I’m in foods

Don't forget! Free food and fun on campus at the Fall Kick-off this Sunday after each morning service. Hope to see you!

So someone ordered food from me for his LOML...And he asked me to add a note💞. This love will go round one day

Anyways I made S+ tier foods

what is a small persons favorite food? mussels! i know this is not very funny.

Ryne Renold Fact of the Day: The top six foods that make your fart are beans, corn, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage and milk.

[ Day 1: street food/highschool ] and the pinakamalanding couple award goes to bkdk 😍☝🏼

HOMECOMING SPIRIT WEEK! TODAY we popped up at our favorite Black owned restaurants in Russell! Make sure y’all stop by Sweet Peaches , CLUB CEDAR and Lucretia’s Kitchen for some delicious food!

More food processing companies keep springing up in Nnewi Industrial cluster. Ellen foods company is a product by a graduate of Nnewi Technological incubation centre. Their production plant is also located inside the Technological incubation centre

Nah. I need my cultural foods made by the people from said cultures

Snack smart! 🍴 A diet that includes fiber and prebiotics has a big impact on health. Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha support gut health and are part of a healthy diet. Healthy eating reduces low-grade systemic inflammation, which is a key risk...

Target, Walmart quality products at Whole Foods prices

heehee growin foods