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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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🥟: Doesn't Han's uniform look like it's going to burst?

2 YEARS OF TEAM07 NNLJ Cmon 07 fam you can do it pave the way you back into it.. Tell us why.. Show us how? Look it what.look at you You came from now

Younghoon said that he can't give a selca and he has filmed something on his house,, 🍞: I can't give (a selca) right now 🍞: But I have filmed video on my house 🍞: It's spoiler 🍞: It's Boylog x Borilog o!! 🍞: Look forward to it because i put a lot of pretty images of Bori

look at the gap guys‼️‼️keep on collecting beats and vote guys we can do this!!💪🏻💪🏻we need to widen the gap

take a good look at him and tell me he isnt fine.

Look at this guy, so genuine so connected to roots. Bhai reel ke heroes real life mei flawed hote hai. It's human to be flawed. Main is how he values his loved ones and respects women. He is against all unjust , par itna bhi samjho NO ONE IS PERFECT 🙂

They look so pretty in hanbok

LOOK: Lava fell into a swimming pool and enveloped fields, roads and houses following a volcanic eruption on the Spanish island of La Palma. Lava flows could last for months, experts said

Ffs 🤦‍♀️ now this is my point that I just made look what they are doing already, can u see the pattern it’s happening already this is just the start of it

JOJEOL LOOKS EXTRA HANDSOME HERE OMG 💙💙 they really look like a real father and son now 🥺🥺

Concept art I guess? Character's name is Octavius, I'm still trying to figure out what his design should look like. So this design isn't set in stone, but I do kinda like it. :)

"You worth it you perfect Deserve it just work it You look elegant, elegant And you’re a pretty, a pretty You shine, shine You’re the truth and the reason" Credit Song - 21st century girls You're perfect just the way you're 💜 ~Healer 💌

🎉We have THE BEST crazy-hunters and we really proud of this. Look how inspired was by the madness of the CrazySkullz. 🏆You did an amazing work, hunter! Congratulations!

hyunjin look like a mother from kdrama with dialogue “ i transfer you this money, dont disturb my son again”

On the way at 6pm today - ! 🔱 The Lyrics by Sung by 's rough & tough look👌

he looks so expensive

younghoon told us a spoiler that he recorded a video at his home. it's not a boylog but borilog, he doesn't know when the video will be released but he asked us to look forward ^^