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Jessica William

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Interested he food for Christians But. Nothing had deserving in its ❤️🔥 ... <<كٕوٍٓدٓ >>... TT NNN خٕصٌّٓمٓ نٕمِٰشِٓيُ ؟؟؟ ❤️‍🔥

"our luvies, have a good chuseok, have a good time with your family, and eat a lot of delicious food. happy chuseok. i'll do insta live soon." 💙 OMG WENDY INSTA LIVE SOON YALL 🫂😭

The median fast-food worker makes $24,540 a year with zero benefits. Meanwhile, chains that make billions in profits and pay CEOs $30 million a year have seen revenue surge. If you think "that's not my problem," you subsidize their low pay through food stamps and Medicaid.

Let’s be honest - it’s a food bank in one of the richest unitary authorities in England and in one of the richest places in that area. What a mess we are in.

Please need help for my brother, his very ill now cannot take foods but a drops of fluids and his bleeding now from his mouth and nose 🙏 Please share this post to reach heartedly kind people to donate prayers and financial support 🙏Gcash/Coins.Ph 09275668535 Alma R Siodina

Afghanistan is on my mind. All those executed o/night, tortured now, girls raped as concubines/sex slaves called “marriage”, our friends/allies w children in hiding who’ve run out of food/money/ many wondering if they’ll see the men/boys taken from their homes again…

The party's still going on Georgia Street! Stop by for food trucks, beer, and performances all afternoon. 🍻🎶

Ways to be a non-conformist in 2021: - Avoid porn - Build muscle - Eat whole foods - Turn off the news - Define your values - Accept responsibility - Respect your parents - Don't carry a cc balance - Build a loving, happy family What else would you add?

Reasons Why I'm Currently Alive: Cycling,Coffee,Wine, Fruits, milk mixed with turmeric powder once in a day, good food, talking to 7 imp people everyday including parents, be a helping hand to someone, visiting beach once in a week❤️ work & music !! Cheers🥂🙏✨

iu trying the food she made

📅 Mark your calendars for the FoodxFilm Festival ()! During the Food Systems Summit, panelists like , , , will share stories for more just, equitable food systems:

New: UK-wide shortage of dry ice causing Ocado to not being able to sell frozen foods. Brexit + 10 times higher level of COVID infection rate than Continental Europe = lorry driver shortage.

Food taste so much better when someone else feeds you

Massive thanks to the hard working staff for volunteering at our farm this morning & supporting our work providing healthy food to residents!

I don’t know I’m so addicted to cold food, gimme hot food and I will leave it till it’s cold before eating it. Don’t know if I’m the only one with such addictions?.

I want to leave tomorrow for nature, admire the sky, read a paper book and not buy food in the supermarket 📚🍃🌝

today is filled with whole foods and fitness

$30 wristbands on site include food & drink. starting Sunday at 8 AM. Red lot 5A @ the ⚡️terrible tailgate⚡️

I’m not a post my food on social media guy but, sweet Christmas . Cousin was out from Baltimore and had to take her and her boyfriend to my favorite burger place ever.