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Jessica William

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i just find it amazing how Universe still uses eb and yr's colors from izone😭 move on, who?

Come see us and so many other AMAZING local bands at the first annual SICK TIGHT FEST @ Killer Tacos in Denton! This SATURDAY! – at Denton, TX

You are Amazing You are unstoppable You are unique You are a winner Recorder breaker, game changer Your presence scare them because you are powerful Winner big brother naija, shine ya eyes season 6 Nobody can take that from you, reason for the season. Liquorose


Lena's whānau: 'Lena received great joy, friendship, acceptance & belonging through amazing charities & we would ask you to direct your aroha through supporting these two charities, so others may continue to benefit' Moe mai rā, Lena

Joke: Just made an amazing steak. It was pretty rare 😂

Hi we are so excited for Paris Fashion Week, Hope everything going well and amazing as usual. Please take care and always do your best for our lovely Jisoo, we always pray and support for this perfect collaboration. We love and trust in Dior and Jisoo, Much love 🤍

Coldplay performing !!!! It's amazing 😭😵🔥🔥🔥

it makes my heart burst to see namjoon sing more lately and become more and more confident in his vocal abilities. he sounds absolutely amazing and i adore his tone so much !!!! it always sounds the auditory equivalent of a warm tight hug

Amazing DP of Prof SHAURYAA SABWERAL 👌🤩♥️ Appreciating fans art work and recripocating love by valuing their hardwork like noone does is Just KV things 🙌👏😍

Sope rap is just amazing , How can everytime they rap together it becomes a comfort part for me ?!?!?! 😭🥺✨💜

chris martin appreciation to taehyung’s voice lives in my heart remember TAEHYUNG’S SOULFUL VOICE HE IS JUST AMAZING

You are And You Light Up My World Inside 🥺💜 Y'all did so amazing 👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you so much 🥺

Today was amazing and the best part is that we get to do it again tomorrow! 🤗

"Cause I still f***ing love you!!" Yeah I made an Olivia Rodrigo song reverence coz I can and because it's freaking true lol Another amazing spectacular song!

Woww amazing music and lyrics.. guys song is amazing am loving it.. You are Our Universe and we always put you first. The seven planets of our galaxy.

i just notice that they used "allone" to combine the word "alone" and "all one". this kinda refer that we may be alone in the universe at least we are together (all one). this just make the verse very amazing and valuable. word play OMGGG??!

he looks amazing wearing prada 😩

In 38 days we are able to add another 1 million to Who Dis?🤩❣️. 5 days faster than before amazing Lockeys!👏🏻 Continue to support Secret Number Lockeys by streaming their MVs as often as possible! Fighting & Enjoy, always🤗

Antipathy hank,, god the songs so good. . Antipathy hank mod by: !! -Go Support the mod when it’s out, it’s amazing already!

Amazing song, amazing collab 😍😍 I love that 🥰💜