Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

my brother send me this and said it look like zhongli when he put on shield 💀💀

Pia Music Complex Vol. 21 info “Stray Kids will be doing a long interview and PMC’s specialty “100 Q&A” so look forward to individual members’ uniqueness. Also, KM-MARKIT who wrote and directed the Japanese lyrics will be telling us behind stories from the recording.

why my nose look big-

an old prototype from 2017 that I thought i lost. Super cool to look back at these game maker studio projects.

Look how they massacred my boy

look at this girl her names vi

You look like you're about to pee all the time~~

look at how pretty jimin is... wow

get yourself someone who looks at you the way jaemin and jisung look at each other

The interior is insane too. Look at all their art.

Interesting new look for Gallo 🧐

she fr ate this look

do i LOOK like a jeno stan

me and sarahs first dms, BUT LOOK AT CARL OMFGGGGGGGGG😍😍

When you look up neco arc, you get this long ass stretched jpeg of her as the first result

Save the Nation: "Look, Joe Biden has got a lot to answer for right now. He is juggling chainsaws and losing limbs, I'd say." -

anyways the way meg holding koya like how jk was gripping jin in that pic yesterday is so cute. like look at her protective, motherly hold on the little guy

I've been recording what's on my mind every night to keep track of my mental so I can look back in the future, I don't even think I would let my wife listen to this shit 😂😂😭

Earth look so distracted by Mix's exposed shoulder & collorbone. 😏 Mix please don't test the wolf's patience before going to bed. 🤭