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Jessica William

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BREAKING NEWS: Congressional investigation finds that Ivanka Trump’s $6 billion government COVID “Food Aid” program illegally used taxpayer dollars to promote her dad’s political career, and that she was personally involved. RT IF YOU THINK IVANKA MUST BE CRIMINALLY INVESTIGATED!

Tonight’s dinner is salmon + butternut squash + broccoli 🥦👶🏾

cw//food gw habis bikin sawi putih isi tahu + saos asam manis 💓

The Senate has confirmed Cindy McCain as the US ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture. McCain, the widow of GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona, was confirmed nearly four months after President Biden nominated her to the position.

Realistic glow up : Mandi twice a day, pagi n petang Cuci muka, jangan malas sangat Kluar pakai sunscreen Limit kan junk food n sweets Klu cannot jogging then kemas the whole house, vacuum etc Study -beauty without brain is legit useless

chanwoo and junhoe’s first food trucks! i’m screaming so bad because they both deserve it! i’m so proud of them 🥺❤️

junkyu is enjoying his food

My job is serving children expired moldy cheese to children even though they get grant money to serve them food that isnt 5 months expired and I'm exposing it whoops

3/7 Coffee & Food Truck 💖🎉

don't you love to see the big babie of iKON with their food truck. it took them 6 long years to be finally in this field and non iKONIC would never understand our happiness right now. i'm so proud of and THE ACTOR LANE OF iKON 😭👏👏

Q. How did you get interested in cooking? Lee Know: I used to live alone so I tried cooking to survive by myself. If I order delivery food, it can be expensive

White House Says You Would Be Able To Afford Food If You Had Kept The 16 Cents You Saved On July 4th

Today is Budget day. We have 4.3m children in poverty, record numbers using food banks and millions in fuel poverty. And yet the government is planning to cut the special tax that banks have to pay on profits. Enough is enough: let's fight for a Wealth Tax on the super-rich.

I object, on cultural grounds, to having to consume anything halal, just as much as moslems object to consuming non-halal foods -but guess which comes first folks? I consider THEIR method of halal slaughter to be barbaric & cruel - but Johnson & Co. seem to be OK with it!!

call me old fashioned but i was raised to serve my husband. i clean the dishes and cook him food. i do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because i was lacking.

mashiho visiting all the dorms and making nabe for them. hyung line said it is their first time cooking in that dorm. it would be nice for the boys to eat home cook food sometimes at dorm. i need mashiho in my life too 🥺👼

LRT so... according to Minhee’s PM, Woobin prepared food for about 10 people portion for the kids because he won’t be home for some schedule. He’s making sure that the kids are eating well when he’s not around 🥺💗

A small group of ultra-wealthy individuals could help solve world hunger with just a fraction of their net worth, says the director of the United Nations' World Food Program. Billionaires need to "step up now, on a one-time basis," David Beasley said.

this banner specifically "all the actors and staffs, please take care of our junhoe" it feels like we sent him to a kindergarten😭💛 so cute, i hope you likes all the food and drink from the food truck, love💛  

karina asking the cat to remember her when she visits the place again because she gave the cat food to eat....

Do you remember what’s favorite food?👀

where- jungkook has undergone wisdom tooth removal two days ago and his boyfriend taehyung pranks him by eating all his favorite foods in front of him.

Those who are not farmers but eat the food grown by farmers they should ask the question to the modi that why these hardworking people have left their farms from11 months and are on roads . Why the govt didn't listening