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Jessica William

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Those - game are going to be amazing for years to come. Herbert 4 TDs, 0 INTs. Mahomes 3 TDs, 2 INTs, including one late in 4th Back in July: “Watch out for Justin Herbert next year.” : “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

"That's amazing."

RRGL had an amazing day in Columbus at St.Francis DeSales' 5 v 5 Tournament! Thanks for the opportunity to come play! Go Aardvarks!

[seungmin ost spoiler] reached the seungmin ost part of the drama earlier and they actually played almost the entire song... oh my god it sounds so good and his voice is so amazing like always 😭🤍

Look at this amazing bicep from the stellar . Really lovely picture that is perfect for biceptember <3

Dad was in Connecticut for a couple days and he came back with illianos pizza (fucking amazing)

Wonderful to be with fellow Battersea & Tooting Cllrs in Brighton. Lots of amazing ideas for a better world

You can have the greatest most amazing medicine ever created in history of medicine's & it would still be so unethical to force other people to take it & so with that said I'll make as much noise as I have to so the quiet ones forced into silence have a voice that can be heard❤

and finally is your day zach thanks for being the way you’re bc you’re amazing you’ve helped me a lot in my day to day in many aspects and that’s one of the reasons why i love you so much never stop smiling bc you really deserve all the good that happens to you <3

Amazing how people are still wailing about Emmanuel still been in the house 😂😂 like didn’t all housemates have equal chance to play the game?? Mad lots😂😂

WOW! Justin Tucker sets the NFL record and wins the game for Baltimore with a 66 yard FG as time expires. Amazing.

Maria Chike Benjamin. You deserve all the love in the world my baby girl you really do such an amazing human being.I love you more so today as in I love you harder ❤️❤️❤️

AF is amazing... Done all by himself... Definitely is a genius

dreams do come true, My dream just did. Phenomenal evening Words can't explain the best feeling ever seeing this legend this evening. Thankyou Gary for my first time gig with you, it was amazing just incredible. Love you ❤️x I saw 2 amazing friends as well.

The Amazing Life Story Of The Barbadian Lawyer Who Created The Term Pan-African

We are proud to announce ( 💙) as being part of our team~ We think this sprite is amazing 👀✨ Also is that the official background?

This episode was amazing I hope they get the ratings they deserve 🥺🤍🤲🏼🧿

What an absolutely wonderful friend and an amazing motorhome companion for the weekend, had such a hoot and to have a fellow Bottom and Father Ted Geek with us….well made it even more magical this photo is absolutely mega hubby had a superb time with you thank you x

just rewatched The Amazing Spider-Man and it’s still without a doubt my favourite Spider-Man movie, like everything in the movie is my favourite, my favourite Spidey & Spidey suit, my favourite villain, my favourite may and ben, my favourite love interest, my favourite everything