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Jessica William

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[210921] 🦊 wv caption : Can you look at the members without smiling ?

everytime i see them look at each other my heart hurts cause its always like they look like theyre abt to cry from happiness at how lucky they are to meet each other

The many faces of ZZS in one scene! LOOK at the way he LOOKS at WKX; such fondness & love. Always so many things happening beneath the surface of ZZS.

Look at the smile on his face 😭🥺

Just please. I look forward to it no matter what. It is Thailand's first historical BL series!!! It will be as great as CH3's first BL series 🤟🏻

Jungkook has the most endearing smile ive ever seen, this charming look on him, the prettiest details.

Omg they look amazing…I’m so happy for them 😭🤧

look at them in one frame my faves :(

good morning<33 also look wtf i just found

"RAMCHARAN IS SOMEBODY WHOM I REALLY LOOK UP TO" Avika Gor About Our Man Of Masses in her Latest Interview !!

When Jimin was asked a question just look at the smile on everyone’s faces…never tell me BTS aren’t brother or they’re not 7. Or they’re not a family. They take immense joy & pride in each other if that isn’t a family I don’t know what is. Bang PD Nim must be gleaming with pride

why does it look like an iphone5 in his grip?!!$#&+

look it’s the smile i love the most :((

they look so good

Noo they look like this in real life I'm crying they are so fucking handsome wtf

needs to look shittier

Does this look ok? 😟