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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Your Girl Finally Made It Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Arranger: Shotaro Shima

“It’s been four years since me and the others were coded into existence!”

2 animations with this girl are available on my ΡλτrεΘΝ🥰😘

society changed when taeyeon said “we could be the ideal types of both guys and girls” and here comes yuri agreeing so fast in her life

//cant stop are you the prettiest girl

nicki minaj stayc girls it’s going down

“You can keep your seat at the foot of this table. Just never forget who sits at the head of it, little girl.”

What do the girls know that we don’t? Why hasn’t anyone gone for Ivan?

is what you get when you mix Revenge and Gossip Girl together

the film crew being forced to get b-roll footage of the storm

Nah bc I got sooo many bitches with this shirt. Had to keep the girls back with a damned stick

This is an ass that I would treat with great affection.

Mood if I was one of them guys on twittaa thread, some girls are acc evil loool

That ass deserves a bite but with love.

Cavaliers Girls are awesome! 8th grade came in 1st and of course my 7th grade granddaughter 3rd! Proud grandpa...

Ya "papa mochi" is done! I hope BTS see this and also cancel him! He really called them unusual guests and called all of army 15 year old girls? Nah I truly thought he was good. Should've known he wasn't, when he couldn't name any of his camera men.