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Jessica William

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These is how armed the Assam police were when they cane to invade our lands!!Doesn't look like they came to inbeilemchhuan or inkawibah to me!!! We want Peace!!

if you see me repeating tweets during menpa and mass deleting all of them afterwards pls look away………

Look what we've become. We, as human beings can do better than this. Let's not be fooled by the misguidance of some corrupted govt. We all have our senses and we all know what is right. We should fight for good governance so that we all can have better future.

this is a sign where you should look into your computer more 📺

We don't want violence!! We want peace!! This is a Assam police holding a gun,look at the picture this is not a water pistol at all!! We want the truth!!

Hear us out!! Please take a look at the whole story! Assam CM is the problem,not us,and neither Assamese brothers and sisters.

Crime Crackdown is coming soon! Can't wait to see Officer Lin Hao 👮 Total 30 episodes (45 mins each) Look forward to the official update~

Samsung station for Kakao Webtoon ads CEO look

TAke a look, ny'all :3 catreactionpictures - BwBhNkVnpJv.jpg

: look at you now look at me

stop whatever ur doing rn AND LOOK AT MY BELOVED SEUNGBINN

can we talk about this look

it's the way they can't look at each other without smiling 🥺

NEXT UP: No game tomorrow so we look ahead to our game against Kidderminster Lions next Tuesday...

this yunho look will forever go down in history

Finally we all know that a species of Zeke's beast titan is White-handed gibbon 😂😂😂 how cuteeee look at those long arms are cuddling their babies🥺aww I can't (btw I'll call him MONKE as always)

Sir, pls consider our concern ,look at this poll ! Majority need Postponement of NEETUG,we r begging u frm few months .JEE is in Oct (4 tms a yr) then what stops u to postpone neetug to Oct (which is 3 or 4 weeks later) *1 attempt in a yr,* new pattern

Retweet if this is your favourite look of our MS DHONI ❤️🙌🏼

Good morning all, and Happy Friday! 😊 Here's our lovely "Strawberry Champagne" candle with its new, white wax look! 🍓🥂 I'm so pleased with the outcome, particularly this new oearlescwnt eco-glitter!🕯️✨