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Jessica William

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hyunjin is just sitting there drawing, I’m gonna cry why does this look like a scene from a movie

Look how far they've come 🥺💙

treasure chuseok selcas, they all look so handsome 🤩❤️

"... We are here to promote SDGs, you don't have to look at us with tinted glass (biased point of view)"

What my off season DMs look like...🤦

No because back then in YGTB, Junghwan has expressed that he wants to be close with Dobby. Look at him being cheered up by his hyung 🥺 And somehow why do I feel like I can also feel Hwan's sorrow here cause Dobby is not in the lineup 😭

the tattoos and the make up give bang chan a bad boy look but inside he is adorable

Today's outfit for work is a natural look

a lot of ppl say youmi kind of looks like sungkyung and/or sulli, do you think so too? ^^

goldleaf draw a character twice and make it look the same challenge 😍

Good morning from a freshly rained on Fabulous Florida Keys. Wherever I look this morning all I see is heavy clouds. We’ll time to do this Wednesday thing. Have a happy!

I need someone to look at me the way Tae looks at Jimin 🥺🥺🥺

Taehyun saying the cheeseballs look like rasgulla and his favourite movie is 3 idiots and now Sookai mentioning rasgulla omgsjsksk INDIAN MOAS WE WON HUG 🫂🫂😭

look at him, seriously the cutest

the blue lenses… the tattoos… the make up…. bang chan looks sooo attractive

my suit is ready..just incase..and look at them, look so ethereal omg 😭

they look like they aged backwards... < 3