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Jessica William

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If people working full-time jobs still need food stamps to get by, they're not the ones leeching off the government. Their employers are.

American whole foods >

🐟 "PHEW! The food was great, but I had so much you might have to 𝘳𝘰𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘦 out of here, hahaha!" 🤓 "D-do you want me to?" 🐟 "..." 🤓 "..." 🐡 "....."

Shameless people like me, Take…. Eat and be merry. This might be the only food for today. Someone pinch me. I’m too excited 💙🖤

nacific ordered some food for skz’s photoshoot and the company who made those food posted some photos! they look so good ^^

Onions and peppers make your food taste 10x better!

11 months of fight, NOT just for their own livelihood but also for the food on OUR table too.

Mom: You need to lose some weight Me: *eat a salad instead of the food she cooks* Mom:

better than any foods exist

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart 🍫🔥🍫🤤

Can’t wait to replace all of these food items with BREAD 🥖🍞🥐

Cheese is the most protective food against age-related cognitive decline

Clotted Cream And Scones 🍨🍓🍨🤤

Niall drinking a Salmon smoothie 5 years ago Those ¿foods? are the most disgusting i’ve ever seen🤢

Bortha/Sathni party with friends, a night of storytelling, good laughs, and even better Bangladeshi foods. Can’t get any better! 🇧🇩

P’Go had food support from Brights today Oct 26th and P’Jennie commented under Mr.Koo’s post few days ago 👀

Tom Brady is talking shit on people eating packaged foods as I slowly finish this party-size bag of Doritos.

This protest is no more an ordinary protest it has become a Revolution to save our Nation and to save our Food

The average Auckland rent is 87% of the take-home pay of a minimum wage worker (without Kiwisaver or student loan payments), leaving behind $82 to cover food, water, electricity, internet, transport etc. Truly we are living in a era of Victorian inequality.

In Kerala a lady got beaten for selling non-halal food, she's struggling for her life in hospital. So Kerala is officially an I$lamic state... Well done .

🎃 Edtwt Food Poll! - strawberry edition - ↻ + ♡ are appreciated

My is protected by my American Pitbull. The retriever only protects her food. If the keeps going, I might need a 3rd dog. 💎