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Jessica William

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the amazing spider-man 2 (2014)

what's amazing with shen xiaoting and su ruiqi is that they're the only trainees in the gp999 that kept their positions since the first evaluations. C01 and C02 queens and they are besties. bestie goals wbk.

the performance was amazing, she gave all of herself. now is the time to praise, anitta is the first brazilian to perform at the

Astronaut Jack Fischer's amazing view of the Earth during a spacewalk on May 12, 2017. Credit: NASA Johnson

The amazing crew

dowoon is 100% satisfied with his new song, it contains the message he wanted to convey after he's been resting behind his day6 hyungs. he also said while creating it he realized that the hyungs are just amazing and he's thankful that he's surrounded by that kind of people🥺❤️

Imagine having Kim Minjun as your man. I would purposely do stuff that would make him pout like that he is so fucking cute and precious and amazing

we are going to have an amazing episode with some nerve shivering scenes from poyhaz cant wait to feel their pain their love their logging for each other and cant wait to cry together Sevmemeliyizq PoyHaz

atinys told san that they want to see him wearing techwear, goggles, crop top and see-through. san said he’s going to talk to his stylist about it today sani said he wore techwear on amazing saturday. he wore goggles too but took them off he’ll give us what we want one by one🥺

Anyway, Zombie is an amazing song and DAY6 is a genius for creating such a masterpiece.

I’m one of the ones in the stadium 😂

the zombie cover showed seungmin's vocal range ,, he's really so amazing

[210919] 4:36PM KST: ⭐️ - +📸 - the sky is somewhat amazing - my mom came to seoul for a while (cutely) - P.O.S…?

he looks amazing!

Ohhhhh pin sample, I'm very pleased and can't wait to see the others :D the antlers look amazing 🥺

i’m so glad chan has been given more vocal opportunities recently like first weekly idol now this, his vocality is so amazing and i’m glad he’s showing it out there more

🐶 While working on the song, I felt that the hyungs are rly amazing and I’m very thankful to have people like these beside me 😭😭😭

we will forever be grateful for peraltiago. so so glad all of us got to see their love story. this couple seriously means so much to the both of us, and to so many others as well. thank you brooklyn 99 for giving us this amazing ship.

3 concerts that lasted for almost 4 hours of streaming but that "100k+ watching now" remained consistent until the end it was such an amazing experience of us feeling nostalgic with seventeen thank you <3