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Jessica William

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op asked beomgyu to say a word to their futute boyfriend 🐻: please buy her delicious food and don't stop her from attending fansigns...since i knew her first !!

Racism has a greater negative impact on Black American health outcomes than soul food. Midwest casserole culture uses more sugar & salt than anything in a soul food cookbook

It’s the double standard for me! because let say the same thing, then he’s serious! He was sitting there minding his food!

NOLA I love you!! I opened The Big Squeezy for you! I wanted to provide healthy food & drink options and hopefully y’all love it. It’s not what’s on ya…It’s what’s in ya. Follow your dreams ❤️

❤❤❤❤❤ : First, have you eaten yet? There’re a lot of foods. First : Not yet. Foods here aren’t look tasty. : Which one is tasty? First : (Look at Ja) Ja!

I'm not saying this is the case, but I once had a govt. insider scientist say to me: "When CDC tells you to be worried, you needn't be. When CDC tells you not to worry, you should." Food for thought, anyway.

Warm home + good food & coffee + Zephanie. That is all I want and need. Zephanie OnCampNowUnited

Buffalo 🐓 pig shots 🥓🥓🥓 , with smoked Buffalo chicken dip. Next level tailgate food 🏈🏈🏈 of course I used I put that sh*t on everything🔥🔥🔥🔥

Not only should insulin be affordable (or free), but food products filled with chemicals that we know cause diabetes should be heavily regulated. Our food system is as corrupt as our healthcare system.

Yo I popped off in foods

Thank you for your messages of concern. Yes I am physically fine. Since the attack of Ninky Minjaj stans last night I have been under intense care in my private bunker. I have enough food (hot chicken and MREs) to last me another week. Will report once I emerge. Goodbye

It's so unfair when the mushrooms I find look like food, now I want pizza and pancakes.

Gathering together with singing and dancing, and a long aftertaste of food, Xinjiang people gather together to celebrate the traditional festival-Gurbang Festival

Angel finished gossiping about Liquorose and Emmanuel, left the room and still went to eat out of Liquorose’s food Omo Fear Women oo

We've got a message for the new Trade Secretary, 👇 You must not allow trade deals that lower food, farming, animal welfare or environmental standards. UK farming must be protected in any new deal. We say NO to the . RT if you're with us!

So many yet don't realise do they?.that the days of loading up the family car with vast volumes of goods & food supplies (& family dog) & hopping onto a *cheap regular* ferry to France or Ireland (or even NI) with no hassle going out or returning to GB similarly loaded..are over

Again I pushed it to the purfict limit! More food (plants) will be eaten tomorrow! 👨🌱😋👍🚀♾! I will drink another beer! 🍺! – at Greenbelt

No farmer no food

miss her lives eating random food

East End Eats is tonight! ECU Centennial Plaza. Food trucks, too!