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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Mạnh bạo với em quá là em chảy nước đó 😭

Birthday girl 🤍

sometimes i feel like i should've been a girl but not a in a gender dysphoria way but more like in Maybe i would've been one of the baddesy bitches ever


Leigh Anne Pinnock being so proud of herself and saying "you all know my fucking character, and that's all I care about" hits different, I am so proud of her, go tell them girl, keep shining 😭.

congrats on topping the brand rep, our hardworking girl, kim minjeong!!!🔥

ranks #3 (-2) on Individual Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings, October 2021!

RT if you like curvy girls 🥰

2021 October Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings: #1 WINTER #4 KARINA #5 GISELLE #6 NINGNING

Rae: "Listen, now that Sykkuno is a superstar, I have the water bill now, and streamers for fun, and girls aren't into me now. Sykkuno is a superstar, I'm taking his lines." Well, they're twins after all 😭

every trio needs a mean girls cosplay 💗

Katie McGrath, inspiring girls to become great women. A real life superhero.

good morning here's Yeri calling Joy "Sooyoung unnie" yeah i miss my girls 😭

Hundreds of armed St. Thomas residents are now combing parts of the parish in search of the suspected abductor of 9 year old Phylisa Prussia. This amid unconfirmed reports that another girl has gone missing in the parish. Residents are armed with machetes & flashlights.

Monster rookie aespa's Winter tops individual girl group member brand value ranking for the month of October, followed by BLACKPINK's Jennie and Lisa

this man has the gays and the girls… his power is just beginning

In the anime world we have cute girls and in the real world we have this race of monkeys that we are forced to live with and call people. Why even bother to live anymore.

[INFO] 211017 Individual Girl Group Individual Member Brand Ranking, October 2021 #2 KIM JENNIE

ranked #5 in the Girl Group Individual Brand Reputation Ranking for October!  

All those mcu fan girls about to bandwagon to dc now…