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Jessica William

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i’ll never get tired of saying how much i love michael clifford.

dont you love it when we got mingyu behind photo on set smiling like this ❤️🥺

i love chameguinhos

Awwwwww lovely couple! And love Sophie’s dress ~BLUE🌹🌹 Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter arrive for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opening gala on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

“We collaborated with a band and we took their average age up by 15 years. It’s been one of the most fun things we’ve ever done and I t’s about loving who you love!”— about and

this is a song we are doing with BTS “this is about love who you love🥺


kibum is on his way to the stadium for beyond live and he says that on days where he has concerts he will have a full meal that will give him energy while he doesnt eat dinner usually. he is going to perform bad love and the new songs too seeing how he is doing a concert,

OO : OO — hunter. i love u my little golden boy. :(

there’s something to be said about a person singing that his partner lights up his world like nobody else night after night celebrating his love.

So happy bts collabed with Coldaplay. The artist who respects and admire the boys. Who make sure the boys are present while performing the song. Giving gifts and talking so lovely things about the boys. I really love Coldplay.

I love my little meatball. Mr Bosley.

//we love to see it

: i love wildest dreams taylor's version! i love it (x5) can't get enough of it! love it!

And Shawn Mendes’ energy on stage? the way he is an absolute ROCKSTAR, the magic he brings, the way I saw little kids sings his songs and love him please, no one cares about twitter!No one cares about ppl jealous of his gf on twitter, or his personal life. People LOVE HIM!

Marcy when you didn’t love it in Amphibia

live on tour and love on tour setlist !

Dear Nick Castellanos, We love you. Please don’t leave. Sincerely, Reds fans

I love Budapest, too!🇭🇺❤️🤍💚