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Jessica William

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karina is just meant to be THAT girl, we need to stop asking how aespa will outdo their teasers every comeback bc she is not resting since predebut. people should be scared....

"It's KPOP history itself, girl group and actor SNSD Sooyoung"

U r commenting smthng abt ur ship to belle's live w/out even knowing that dons is watching too. Maybe that's the reason why nanonood siya ng live ni b habang magkacall or text sila just to check if someone did again disrespecting his girl frm the fndm who's attacking b over time.

One day I want to do a selca where it’s me dressed in fairycore because THESE GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THEM

Police likely killed young girl at high school football game, DA says

The decampaign from week 1 made this girl lose so much fans yet the little of us remaining are still standing. I pray for every Archangel voting, when you least expect people to come through for you, thousands will come through for you. Thank you so much and Vote Angel

Stronger Cool Girl ! :D Art trade with

"The anime girl you hate because twitter told you to do so"

happy birthday to the most talented and lovable girl in the universe. i truly hope you know how much happiness you bring to so many people's lives every day. i love you so much angel 💛

It’s the influencing inside the influencing for us 😍👗 Lanre Da Silva 👩🏽‍🦰 Kuku’s Hair 💎 Swarovski 👙 Rendoll 🏡 BOOK SHORTLET RENTALS Erica Nlewedim

@ mnet do you think this is funny do you think this is entertaining is emotional manipulation fun to you

she's so inexplainably hot i want her so bad

girls want hwang yeji

sykkuno [in clip]: after going outside in the real world, I realized girls aren't into tony: [shakes head] don't let him play you, he's a good looking guy. I've seen him in person, okay?

Drowning girl statue causes a stir in Bilbao


This IG post of YGX "WE GO ON". Is this really a hint of their elimination? Didn't realize it before, until someone pointed this out. And now I can't stop thinking about it. I know the other girls are also talented, but I won't watch anymore without YGX in it

Do we still have guys that will stick to a girl and not cheat on her even if there's no sex in the relationship (after marriage).

the girls are happy to see you! don't be shy ~

Thank god for girls