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2021.09.22 ATEEZ TALK “Park Seonghwa” [seonghwa] charging uagu uagu (sound of eating or devouring delicious food) -jj jj m (san)

210922 Taeyong's instagram live! Taeyong said he ordered food so while it's being delivered, he'll do live! Taeyong said they've moved dorm and he was busy organizing his room so that's why he couldn't do live~ he said 'how are you guys doing?'

We are so dumb. From the Food Pyramid to covid lockdowns our health establishment doesn’t really have a clue one way or another about the human body.

seonghwa on ateez talk!! ♥︎ sh: charge (like charging at and eating the food) comment ♥︎ s: 와구와구 (describes eating deliciously/feeling of eating anything you can get your hands on) 🔗:

Businesswoman donates dog food to food banks to help struggling pet owners

Media = Vultures When king was alive they keep tracking him to have food (content) When not he is content (food) for them..

yk said sanggyu’s mom gave him holiday food thank u <3 sanggyu is youngk’s college friend 🥺

Show me your foods!

Who would win in a food fight? JFK vs. Crossover Bot vs. Pinky

A friend that buys you food is a friend for life

I’m not always hungry but when I am, there is NO food. RT if you agree. 📷:

During Shradh, Guru ji prepares food and first of all keeps some food on the terrace.The crow eats that food. Purohit ji says look! Your father is eating food like a crow. Offering food to a crow tells about the success of Shradh.

whole foods really seems to be expanding their offerings. not sure I can follow them on this one tho

ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ Yesterday, I was in 7Eleven and bought some (( not really needed )) foods and this dog been following me ever since. Guess what I did to him? ㅤㅤ

Some foods are best appreciated when older.. I didn't like mazondo as a kid, now it is a mandatory dish at least 3x a month when I'm home...

Just another day of me rewarding myself with good foods.

1.Stress causes inflammation, and less-healthy foods can contribute to it. 2. Eat simple, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare. 3. No diet if you’re already stressed. 4. Instead, focus on eating what makes your body feel good. 5. Be kind to yourself about what you eat.

8 brain foods that help you concentrate.

Animals also have the blessings of God. They don't have voice to express their grief. Let's take pledge to understand their suffering. Volunteers of DSS provide them food and water and also serve during injuries.

Three times in life. If food is kept on the terrace every day, then that crow will eat food every day. - Must watch sadhna tv 7:30 pm.

[🪐💬] 210922 🖤 🖤 seonghwa 🪐 pm ⭐: "im going to prepare for tomorrow ! 🥰" ⭐: "ㅋㅋㅋ i will upload nak-geop-sae (the foods that he will eat with mingi and san) on (a)teez talk~" ⭐: "i love you" ⭐: "😘" ⭐: "bbyabbya" (byebye cutely) 🥺❤️