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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Hyojung: They're the tallest active girl group (in Kpop) right now Binnie: Why did we start the show with us standing? Soojin: I think it's because we're wearing slippers... Binnie: We usually started the show sitting down, so why are we suddenly standing now>< 😅😅

Necrontyr/Necrons are very tol They are anywhere from 7ft at shortest, to 9 ft to tallest... and sometimes bigger. Oracle is over 7ft tall lol (Sister of Battle for comparison)

Goodnight and sweet dreams friends I’m exhausted love you all 💖✨

Azah stans kids in their rooms after hearing their mama yell at their phones about a girl named Hannah for the 100th time in a day instead of making them dinner:

[] 'COMBINATION MISSION' Behind-the-Scenes Behind the Set of Participants Practicing, Practicing and Practicing ▼Full ver.▼ Naver TV : YouTube : Every Friday 8:20 PM(KST)

The way Oscar was hyping up the girl- he's simply the best

hey girl 😏 the ritual begins

Goodnight to all the girls without boyfriends ❤️

goodnight oomfs i <3 changbin nothing new

Been a kpop stan since 2017 but who would have thought that the group i'm most attached to is this girls and they are not even an idol😭😭

Maryam Jan told me that if the government don't allow me into school I Won’t Be a Doctor, and One Day You’ll Be Sick. Girls’ Access to Education in Afghanistan.

Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me? When will my reflection show Who I am inside?

Skinny girls with tiny boobs.

Girls:long nail doesn’t matter can do anything Me:

You have been phenomenal from day 1. Just keep playing they way you do coz that's what has brought you here and will definitely take you higher. We are extremely proud of you and we know you will do well. All the best! Good luck ❤️🙌😇

yujin and yeseo watching the other kgroup girls tear eachother apart for the planet pass

"Yeah I watch slice of life anime involving cute girls doing cute things. How can you tell?"

me and the girls going shopping

I have seen Tia's recent Tweets and well ... I haven't drawn her for a long time and today I cheered up !! Here you have a blushing pretty girl belonging to