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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy they are the c Life is short but love is forever فوغا كلوسيت :H5X:

These pictures all have something in common and I just love it

no matter how big your love for mix, earth will be his #1 supporter.. 🎙️ mix sahaphap! 🌍 *claps* WOOOOOOOOOOOO

i love it so much when no one covers the part of the member that is not performing them and they just let his voice be heard :(

U will gotta be only one I love this mellow drama Without you there’s no audience That kind of mono drama

look at lisa's reaction when 57 said that they want her to take good care of herself and that they will love her forever 😭

istg Miyaken is a slightly calmer version of Nisshi. haha i love them both 😆🖤

oomf said irene speaks permanently in ~ and it’s true 😭😭😭😭😭 she talks with such a light lilt in her voice god i love her

🐱: I don't really wanna team up with doyoung that much either 🐰: I love it 🐱: I like you too~

idk how to feel about the fact that we were never “delulu”. they’re way deeper in love than we’ll ever know. the only thing that hurts me is we’ll never get to be out delulu selves again.

I'm the love of your life until I make you mad

i love their late night gatherings :’)

💖✨Good Blessing Morning My Angel Followers😊Look At This Gorgeous And Adorable ART😍I Wish You All Have A Blessed Day🤗You All Are My Love's💖May God Bless You All Forever In Heaven With Me😇🙏SO SLEEPY AND TIRED ALL THIS DUTY STUFF REALLY MAKE'S ME......💤💤😴✨💖

It's called true love 😍🖤💖

The love soul finds comfort in solitude and solitude, so hide to recover. كُـوِدُ آيـهُـربْ ASY1532 ASY1532 ASY1532

either u love or hate me her shorts are gonna be HOOCHIE shorts idc lol.

dambara ruru gatamekira intro jesus figure best vocalist of all time she’s literally perfect she can do no wrong we love you god ruru

: we love you… I decide to reuse this edit to let him know that he has a lot of people supporting and waiting for him ♡

: I love you so mumumumuch