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Jessica William

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dream girl, jennie kim

i can't believe we manifested blacksé and this is the only thing we got like girl!! at least turn around and face the camera 😭

All boys in twitter are seeing for girls 😂😂

I love the way Jisoo isn't just a lead vocalist or visual but also a supportive member and a caring idol who's there for her fans. She loves us and other Pinks genuinely, the best girl 🥺❤️

Finana confessing her love for chat as a "punishment"... the "UwU" voice is kind of painful though. Also, Peter better stop trying to muscle in on our girl and go get nuggies with his uncle. Nepotism... smh

Rivers cow girl

Just realized she was reenacting that scene from mean girls because Jennie was filming her

Redo: What are some unpopular cartoon opinions you have? Here are mine: Foster's Home > The Powerpuff Girls Solar Opposites > Rick and Morty Voltron: Legendary Defender's LGBT representation, 8th and final season, and series finale are good.



:Short girls are cute Boys in real life with short girls:

this is so scary man

[📸] bugAboo Girl Group Debut Song Medley / Con Calma BEHIND CUT bugAboo will make you feel happy & bright like the clear sky💞 What? You haven’t watch Con Calma yet?👇👇 Watch it again even you've 😆👇👇📢

Hyewon really has to catch all the pretty girls huh

My woke response to I'm a commie girl In this dhimmi world Indianness is plastic Taliban fantastic Love azan on full blare Diwali makes me despair Imagination Gender sociology creation!


* A dog barks * Some girls:

Karatohai Lake in Xinjiang, under the smooth lake surface, ice bubbles are stacked in different shapes, just like ice lotus flowers. On the ice surface, girls are playing the piano, and the music is integrated with the ice and snow to form a beautiful and moving picture

I will never get tired supporting this Girl. She is truly an inspiration ❣️ Kisses JourneyToTheCrown