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210916 ERIC on PM🦄💕🦄 what are you doing? im just doing this & that~ hehe don’t try to know. stay put. whatever floats on your boat. food? I haven’t eaten~~~ i dont have appetite. Im drinking choco latte

Huhu. I love you Ms. Antique! Her kwento about Kisses asking for food (Jusko KissFood padin talaga) and Ms. Antique giving her Nori Sheets. Then, her message for her bashers. Sisterhood talaga 💖

Brexit: Food supply issues force Marks & Spencer to close 11 French stores

ipstar x mdzs themed store. look at the menu for food, drink and dessert! ordering each or combined will avail random free items such as bookmarks, coasters, placemats etc.

having a mom that cooks good food is a huge flex.

The Tories have now formally ended shielding. To do so as we approach winter and likely surge in cases is appalling. Clinically vulnerable people need the ongoing right to WFH, furlough if they can’t, and access to food and meds. Declaring shielding is over does not mean it is.

So let’s have a recap: Brexit Britain. (idly recalling all those promises of sunny uplands) Food more expensive Produce rotting in fields Minister has had to be appointed to make sure we don’t starve Inflation ten times higher Sewage in rivers Households £870 worse off a year

M&S said supply chain problems since Brexit had made it "near impossible" to maintain standards of food supply.

Can Emmanuel sit on Yousef's lap and pretend like he is eating his food... Remember that day saskay and Emmanuel

Retail giant Marks & Spencer has said it will close 11 of its stores in France due to fresh and chilled food supply issues following Brexit For more on this and other news visit

Food - depends chiefly on two words, industry and frugality nothing will stand in Colors. Better that’s one of the road: it is a certain point—once you have Nobu’s words golden clasp كٕوٍٓدٓ خٕصًمُ سَتًآيًلَيً سَّيًَفّيًٓ ..\..=.= CCC؟؟?? CCC🎗 CCC🎗 ??؟؟

[Student Intro - Izumi] Izumi is a fan of gourmet and exotic foods alike! I knew the Gourmet Research Society had some strange tastes, but a hamburger with chocolate sauce? No thanks...

yunhyeong talking so soft because his food is so good 😭🥺 plssss

M&S has been forced to close 11 French stores after Brexit and a "fandango of bureaucracy" made it "near impossible" to supply fresh food to customers.

He explained that the best part of being in the military band is being able to make use of his specialty and develop it further. When he’s given his first break, he would like to meet his family & pet, and his greatest source of energy is the food served at the cafeteria.

Ok people tell me if you know this food Filipino version:

me: are you still mad? i bought food for you her: from where?

Marry someone who has opposite taste in food, so you don't have to share your food

I love how everyone say Rosé is so kind every time Like fans saying she’s taking time for taking picture or sign album People at the hotel saying she complimented the food and talk with them What a queen our girl is really the best with a golden heart she’s an angel 🥺

Why not Direct Trade with India’s farmers around the world. They produce our food with love and care and we pay them a fair rate… That’s how it should be.

Via Contributor: ._ 🤎 Now, y’all know we love us some Chick-fil-A, but it looks like the company plays no games when it comes to their top-secret recipe. A TikToker claims the fast-food company is suing him after leaking their chicken nugget recipe in a TikTok