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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

eng trans small puppy wore the shirt paipai chose for him... this.. this is too sweet ill post later everyone you can look forward to it

tweet this now this look 44 mins ago at this🥺

look who's coming!!!

Aww look at this ....😭😭

I’m gonna point this out to any new Fancafe users or just any fancafe user who don’t know about this, there is a section called “Vote for ATEEZ” and KQ have kindly gathered info for prevotings when ATEEZ are nominated to help you. Pls take a look !!!

MB status of yesterday and today. And, look what we have. The entire watchlist is red today. Saved money again by not playing in hard conditions. If you are going to punch trades every day the same way, you are going to have big drawdowns when the market cools off a little.

LOOK: BGYO exhibits once again a massive peak on both Streams and number of Unique Listeners over the last 28 days! This becomes the highest data ever recorded on BGYO's channel since their debut!

Look at our babies !🥺

we look fucked up (ft crows #1 fan)

Tawan 🤝 Earth they broke glass and plate and now look at how they cut the cucumber?, and carrots 😹😹

the lighting sucks but look how CUTE THEY ARE

Anyways this doesn't quite look like fgr but yeah, csp halo tool insane [ ]

Love this concept 🥺 they look so cute. And First looks extra bright in blue ✨

I will never forget you what you have done for me look at ooooo bonus game 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 oh my God i pity those that is doubting you they don't know what they missing I must confess you real, nothing can change your Authenticity,

Next week on , we get an inside look at St Vincent's ICU during the peak of Sydney's COVID-19 outbreak. Tune in on ABC TV and iview.

anyway please look at piloswine i love its little beady eyes SO dearly

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