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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

This has to be one of the most healing songs ever made. It’s amazing how a song, lyrics or melodies becomes all you need. For some it’s comfort while for others it’s a warm hug, for someone else a shoulder to cry, in the end it can also be everything.

jerome baker on tua tagovailoa: "we all trust tua. he looks amazing...."

Javy hits HRs, hits lefties, plays amazing defense and is fun. Idc about his on base percentage I’m not Brad Pitt

Enjoying a sunny summer ✨✨ Summer Albedo Print commission for his amazing VA

🎉5k Followers Raffle🎉 Recently reached 5000 followers! Thank you all so much that’s amazing to me! There will be 2 winners! 1. Half body with shading 2. Headshot with shading ✨To enter✨ Like - Follow - Retweet (Also comment your reference sheet if you want) Ends August 20th

This tweet is literally what a Democratic satirist mocking an anti-government Republican would write. It's genuinely beyond parody and it's amazing that it's real.

thx he is amazing =)

I LOVE Y'ALL!!!!! Thank you for an amazing july and happy Friendship day!!! Y'all mean a lot to me!! <33

Guys I just found an AMAZING 💎 🐶☀️ Spoke to the team and they're cooking up an amazing tools dApp 🤯👨‍🍳 Pre-sale today, July 30th at 8PM UTC 🚀 Dev Doxxed, Techrate audit, with real utility 🤝 Web TG

Sjokz body is amazing 😍

Just read Smthng today that I wanted to dedicate to this wonderful women my heartbeat...How aptly God gave the chance It says 'Winners Begin From The Beginning" And that's wat this amazing women had done..So Proud of Her❤️

i need to follow more staytists too, yall are amazing 😤

Its actually amazing that CEOs of two big companies are mentioning Xiao Zhan unprompted, its not even a promotional event where he is but they are so amazed by his commercial value that they are acknowledging and amazed by it.

Look at these amazing Vests I designed for Chromatica 2021 want one? I also have 2 more variations.

is a gorgeous looking film with unique fantasy aspects that I dug. Dev Patel and Alicia Vikander are the dynamic leads and give amazing performances. A bit too much drawn out subtle moments. This movie was solid.

Azuma is amazing, if the theories about him and Tokio clashing turn out to be true I know Ishida is going to make it hurt so much...

this performance from 5sos was so perfect, i loved the how they sounded! it was amazing

I had such a wonderful time performing Schubert’s ‘Du bist die Ruh’ earlier this month at Paxton House. I would like to thank both James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook for their advice during the masterclass, as well as for the amazing opportunity!