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Jessica William

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We enjoyed taking the most beautiful memorial photos to document Love doesn’t conquer all فوغا كلوسيت :H5X:

Does new armys know that Taehyung actually has four signatures? Personal Signature, Official BTS V signature, Passport Signature and Taetae signature. Taehyung is just unique love that for him.



I love the neonnnn💚😭

Idk Gillian ur pretty fuckin cool! Sendin mad love u Goddess✌🏾❤️

they love him so much 😩

Stream butter y'all. I want us to get back to top ten hot 100 esp since the tannies are in NY. It'll be good for us to have some streaming parties this week as we await for My Universe to drop. Let's stop talking about this airport bs and do something to show the tannies our love

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.Sushant achieved that happiness by loving his fans and be loved by his fans 💓🤍🦋 Happiness Is You Sushant 🌻

those who wants to send Jinjin a message on fancafe but doesn't have fancafe, u can drop them here or thru dms and i'll post it to astro's fancafe <3 let's show our love to our best leader and pray for his fast recovery 🥺

don’t forget to love muscular women today

lisa has a dog named love, yall forgot?

Seryoso ba 'to? gagi thank you sainyo!, i love you all😙❤

How Rimjhim hits 1M likes crossing 30M views which is also trending everywhere possible getting so much of love is the best thing to see as fan for their idol. 🤧❤ Hope it crosses millions millions likes and views.🤞❤ 1M Likes For RimJhim

I really love this two😭💙

Michael Carter Williams: “Got my Claylings, Love it! Love my Claylings”

we need safe house s2🥺 so much fun, so much love, and we can see their real personality🥺 i really enjoy this show huhu gonna miss all the boys🥺😭😭😭

.・゜゜・ 🤍-Hey yall honk honk the bitch is in town 🤍- 🤍- rt this if u love Karl