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Jungwoo : Thoroughly~ do it like this~ let's conserve water! I put soap on all of them first, so that I can wash it out at once~ these plates that's used to put food are precious... it's not a thing that we throw away after we used it once 귀여웡 ><

Jungwoo doing the dishes~ Jungwoo: If you think about it, the plates which you use to serve food on are precious. It needs to be sanitary and it’s not something you use once and throw it out after 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

[atz talk]: [mingi] did you enjoy watching inkigayo today?? it's a holiday now so eat a lot of good food don't get hurt and let's be happy i love you so much tiny-ya

⬇️ TODAY IN HIP-HOP ⬇️ 2006: Lupe Fiasco drops his debut album Food & Liquor What’s your go-to song off this?

pov: mewgulf showing off their foods to eo

Q: What name would you give to 's fans? : bamboo~ 🎋 because it's panda's favourite food

Food firms warn shortage of CO2 will hit supplies

210919 [ATEEZ TALK] MINGI "did you enjoy watching inkigayo today?? since it's the (chuseok) holidays now, eat lots of delicious food, stay healthy, and spend it happily. i love you a lot tiny"

This restaurant is a known destination for CH3 crew 😂 so many times I see CH3 artists promoting for it Today Gulf eats here with his managers team, actress Bow Maylada, & one of the executives of CH3, Khun Dew 😋 Yummy food with good companies = BEST

"babe! you hungry?" *pout* after: "don't touch my food 😡😂" ah gets

ㅋㅋㅋ neo wanted to spoon some food but earth didn't let him have it 😂😂 but at the end earth gave neo the food himself aww

Belle's outfit during her asap performance made my eyes cross🤪😂. So much going on. But this is adorable! And she's sorely missed. Eat well, love. Guard your food, guard your health, someone else can stand guard over your heart. Wink wink. Lol.

Foodie Sivaangi is LOVE.. Her Love for food is >>>

When my mom calls me to eat food after beating me 🤕

Cold shower food small break then platinum 2 left to upgrade

Nine years ago today this picture was published in a peer-reviewed journal, claiming crops caused cancer. It affected public opinion, gov’t policy, and slowed technology from reaching the food insecure. Results could not be repeated independently. A lie that cost lives.

thanks for eating your meal even when you didnt feel like it, you dont have to feel guilty for eating, it is for survival, thanks for having that meal <3 if you didnt, this is your sign baby bun, lets get your tum tum some food <3

How to win in life    Eat real food - diseases disappear    Get sunshine - anxiety disappears    Lift weights - muscles reappear   Sleep well - energy reappears   The bad disappears and the good reappears.

I’ve lived in fuel poverty before. It affects your sleep, choices of food you cook, causes more severe colds & other respiratory illnesses. Worst of it, it makes life a drudge. The mental toll of a damp house, or hanging air in the living room. They should renationalise energy.

"Since there are Czennies who aren't Korean too, there's a content we filmed for the Korean celebration Chuseok" "It's a day where we eat Songpyeon and delicious food" *Songpyeon is a type of rice cake usually eaten during Chuseok :)