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Jessica William

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Anti-mandate activists STORM “vaccinated-only” food court on Staten Island, NY. “USA, USA!”

Inspired by the great work Jungkook has done at advocating for the most troubling issues of our times, Golden JK Union made two donations to Food & Poverty programs, after BTS at , to continue his example in helping make the world a better place.

A mob of anti-vaxxers took over a food court in NYC to protest its vaccine mandate.

And the misinformed shall inherit the food courts. - COVID 4:4

“Not only do we put the food on your table, and the drinks on your table, but we deserve the same respect that he had,” said , on ’s veto of .

Over 60 families received groceries and cases of water today. Plus, was able to get their blood pressure checked. There’s no requirement to get food from us. You’re a human being. To support BLM Paterson’s mutual aid. Cashapp $blmpaterson ❤️

gnf dissatisfied by food core

// food oh my god dude berdly deltarune reference

Joyce’s claims on that climate policy will increase costs of energy is complete rubbish. How about the increase in cost of living from climate impacted events like insurance, mortgages, food, safety, the list goes on. is just behind the times.

Deer Ford Nation, I know vaxinations are are against your Constipational rights but they are good because you won’t die and that is better for me in June but I support your right to free speech and to take over over food courts but stop messing with Timmies. Jim mahpel, Premair

hey guys look at my food for dinner tonight

African boat migrants who were picked up by an Italian luxury cruise ship to transport them the last stretch to Europe decided to vandalise the boat’s canteen. They probably didn’t like the European food. Angry crew members record this vid as proof for the world!

One of my favorite-but-difficult things to make for Moonglow Bay was the food😌 ((difficult just bc because it made me so so hungry))

Today was a great day in Castle Point! Thanks to Councilwoman Webb and others, we were able to enjoy a petting zoo, food, and live music while helping residents get vaccinated and access to rental assistance. Service goes beyond the badge.

cinnamoroll café food 💫

Amazon Prime users must soon say goodbye to free Whole Foods delivery

this old lady in Whole Foods was just unnecessarily cunty to me and now I’m in a bad mood

'Tis the season for chili, soup, hot wings, and other comfort foods! What meals are you looking forward to making (and eating!) this fall?

Just found metal in my food.