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Jessica William

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John Doe

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hi so starting tomorrow morning ill be inactive until further notice. the inpatient facility im going to has a strict no phones policy :( i love all you guys so much and thank you for being here for me. don’t forget about me!! I’ll be back happier than ever soon <33

this time difference is Weird

i keep biting the inside of my mouth >:((

it really just clicked in my head that I’ll be pausing my life to go to an erc and that i won’t be able to talk to anyone for a while

sorry for not being active :( my aunt came over to say goodbye and I’ve been packing and rn im at the airport

why cant I ahve anything good why does everuthing end in disaster

i cantwhanfle this anymore

my sister snitched on me, my dad is threatening my mom and saying I don’t need to go to treatment, my mom won’t stop pressuring me, im leaving in 6 hours to catch a plane to a whole new state. i want to fucking dye/neg /srs

if he could stop being pissy about this and open his eyes and notice that i am Sick that would be amazing

my dad really thought he was slick whispering β€œshes not fucking going anywhere” to my sister while we were on facetime /neg

i hate having attention on me so much

if the erc doesn’t celebrate halloween in Some Way I’ll be mad cause im not missing halloween here at home for nothing

i made a hummus and tomato based pasta for dinner it was Yum

why did things turn out this way /neg

imw so scared holywsjit

I’m being admitted to inpatient care on thursday :\\

my dad doesn’t support me going to treatment lol 😁 /neg