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JEONGHAN BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY >< SEVENTEEN 9TH MINI ALBUM 'ATTACCA' GIVEAWAY [MY🇲🇾 ONLY] - Like & retweet - Reply w your fav ult bias pic along with their comeback tags • 3 Winner • 3 Sealed album • Postage on winner Deadline: When the album arrives Hanniehae Caratdeul! ❤️

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[17’S] 우리 뿌가 또 해냈다‼️ 11인 출연권으로 세븐틴 문특 등장🎉 문특과 세븐틴 케미는 말해 뭐해..💗😉

Where's Jeonghan? Here!

Banila Co. really not playing when they chose JEONGHAN as their ambassador to mark their entry into the Japanese market… they KNOW his POWER

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【バニラコ】イメージモデルにSEVENTEEN JEONGHAN(ジョンハン)が就任!

student carats, if y'all have classes tomorrow, know your priority and skip your class. we're focusing on seventeen.

Would you be interested in an enhanced version of 's ? 🤔 &

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carats sharing and then who was dr. there’s me arthur kim: still scared:

this shot hello ??

i want the gose staff to never stop putting jeonghan and seokmin in the same team during episodes that require you to be serious

[GIVEAWAY] vote bahiyyih on universe app for a chance to get chamsims winner of the poll: 1200 chamsims ❤️ fandom with most proofs in the comments: 3800 chamsims ❤️ fighting everyone!

jihan do you have to attacc us like that???

don't let hoshi see this but istg this scene reminded me of that scared hamster meme...i'm sorry 😭

Welcome to SEVENTEEN's Comeback Show 'Attacca'🔥 @ HYBE LABELS YOUTUBE CHANNEL ✔2021.10.23 9PM (KST) ✔2021.10.23 8AM (ET)