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Jessica William

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Bro I can't believe it. One stream. Solo Bronze To Predator. 54 Hours of Non-stop . My community, friends, family, Aline... Thank you... I really can't thank y'all enough. This honestly means the world to me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone 🥳 Thankful for my family, friends and community. I couldn’t thank y’all enough for everything you guys have done for me ❤️ Now go get stuffed 🤤😳

i stole this picture off leslie’s twitter because we have no photos but HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE 🥳🥳🥳 YOU’RE THE BEST GAMER I’VE EVER MET AND POG (Pretty Okay i Guess) BUT IM HAPPY TO HAVE MET YOU AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT MF BIRTHDAY SHEEEEEEEEEESH

Heyo 👋🏻 Now that we’ve been on Storm Point! Share some clips or your animal encounters using and you could be featured in the Apex Legends: Into The Wild nature documentary! Must be 18+ to enter.

Beerpong lineups 🥶

We also are human. We can’t see into the future people. How the fuck am I suppose to know we can’t play tomorrow? Like we all agreed to play it out and try to go for the Champions League when we signed up. I’m sorry if another team couldn’t play but we didn’t know we’d stop.

To make it clear. The reason why im not playing ALGS isn’t because my pc is broken. I just literally have something else planned on that day in addition to Jack not being able to play, so that’s why I decided not to play either. No hate between us and it’s not bc any other reason

Me, and will not be competing in the rest of ALGS this season. We all have our own priorities to take care of at the moment and unfortunately don’t have time to play. Thank you guys for supporting us and our journey ❤️ We’ll be back next one!

I am proud to announce that i’m officially a member of ! I hope you’re all just as excited as i am for the new content and memories to come 🥲

my stream pc wont turn on so watch josh's pov

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are here! is the place to get your new PC! Check it out!

Happy to announce my sponsorship with ! Thx for helping me stay protected against DDoS attacks and doxxing Learn more about Norton 360 for Gamers here

anyone know why my obs always crashes after 2 hours of streaming and gives me this error?

Time to tee up with . We are taking Golf with your Friends to the next level in my , powered by ! Tune in to see who takes the big W! Watch and meme:


Shoutout to for taking care of me throughout the entire stream. Without her it would’ve been 100x more miserable and stressful. She made it feel like I only needed to win so thank you ❤️❤️

Non-stop 65 hour stream. Got up to Immortal 3: 350 rr then loss too many games afterwards. We didn’t get Radiant at 450, but manage to get atleast the old 300 rating. Overall insane stream and I wanted to thank everyone for supporting me the entire way. ❤️❤️