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Welcome 🐯💛🐝💌 This space was created to spread translations, infos, videos, pics and Jooheon's contents. 💌 Read this carrd if you want to know more about this page: 💌 For Monsta X’s Lee Jooheon ⚡️

Hello! , and me will be hosting a GO for The Dreaming. -WW -2 payments (products & shipping to you) -Form to be updated tomorrow with prices. -Freebies This is our first GO so your support will be really appreciated💜🔗

🐯: you at Idol radio today, sleep well ❤️ everyone!! If you’re not sleeping already, hurry up and go to sleep!! Bye bye * Jooheon wrote all his post sooooo cutely, it’s like Jooheon’s language already 🥺

Jooheon Fancafe 211022 🐯: monbebe I got home, took a shower and I’m lying down Today the SPAO video was uploaded and it was so good 💛 It’s also good that Honey puffer is receiving so much love, everything is good and I’m happy thanks to you, I love you and I was happy to meet+

So I want to say something because I feel like it should be said without any filters, if u disagree with me that's okay but please be kind. Stop stealing tweets from other mbbs (and I'm eyeing some big accounts here too) , it may seem like a harmless thing to do but you limit +

Look at this amazing prince ❤️

Staffs talked about how fans were surprised since he was wearing a XL padding 🐯: in fact it is not that big.. the padding looks a bit big, but don’t you think it has to be big so it is warm? Doesn’t it feel like you’re being embraced? Like Honey is embracing you? ☺️

The advertiser asked Jooheon if he went to the shooting already thinking about the poses bc he was doing much better 🐯: I kept watching videos and studying/ researching on my daily life.. 👤: ohh so you were concerned.. 🐯: yes, bc I had to make the outfit look good ❤️

He really gets shy whenever he is complimented but he LOOOVES to be praised, our handsomie ❤️

SPAO staffs absolutely in love with Jooheon cheering for him and saying how handsome and cool he looked while shooting ㅠㅠㅠ he was so happy 🥰

[몬채널][B] EP.259 JOOHONEY SPAO via

Look at how Hyungwon took care of Jooheon today 🥺

I’m so happy to see you like this, I love you so much!!! Thank you for your bright energy 🥺

I just can’t stand this romantic moment of jagiyas ㅋㅋㅋㅋ cute 🥲

Nipple game Jooheon vs Youngjae ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ