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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

A king of my own making 🖤👑

Congratulations to A&T for winning the competition against , having the highest percent of campus vaccinated. Thanks to Dr. for presenting the trophy. Of course, with safer and healthier campuses, we all win.

Yesterday, my hubby & I attended our 1st 🏈 game since the pandemic started. We had a GREAT time spending time with our & fellow . I caught up with some of my too. Kudos to on their victory of 37-14 over NC Central. 💪🏾

100 days till 2022

Fam! Please be sure to vote for our ambassador, the talented for the #1 host!! Vote here now👉

Was up family I was nominated for HBCU Host of the Year link is in my bio🏆 TAP IN and everyone that just rock with go click the link in my bio and vote 💫! Thank you again!

It’s like 20 people’s birthdays today.

School’s back in session! 🍑🍒

Wish I was hosting the pep rally no cap.. one day it’ll be Jussmikey turn.

My money is on Winston today get that dub 🏆

I heard we need custom game day gear before next Saturday? Sayless!! Read the last pic for more details and follow my business page on Instagram to dm and place an order ._

I’m challenging everyone to take a look at these resources to learn bystander intervention and what you can demand as students.

If anything happens in the future and I’m around, please let me know so I can support you in real time. Love yall and I stand with yall always ♥️🤞🏾

In light of the sexual assault allegations, I want to make a public commitment to making sure the spaces I’m hosting are safe from sexual violence. I always have and always will be Pro Women on Our Campus!!

Winston Women, I stand with you and for you. Always. ❤️

Underestimate me so I can embarrass you

“COMMITTED!!! To making sure Your Experience at “Late Night: Tar Heels ‘n HD” is a memorable one!!” - When: October 15th Where: Dean Dome 🐏🏡 Time: 7:30pm