Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

End of an era O7

I leave for a week and now the whole TL is evil

Today I did a thing… I’ve already eaten 3 of these 😭

I know what you’re thinking, telling people you want to start an arg might takeaway from the process, but what if it’s been going on for months *vsauce music*

I recently learned what an arg was, and I want to start one, but it’d be too complex for anyone to figure out.

This was the last straw 🤧

everyone change ur layout to look like a news account and reply to everyone's posts in "proper grammar" with capital letters and shit like ur announcing official breaking news LMAO (i've made pfps for every letter in the alphabet below 🧵)

BREAKING NEWS: Popular Tiktok creator/ Twitch Streamer “Kentaihaven” still hasn’t installed 7TV emotes. Although his mods pester him about it daily, he continuously finds a way to get distracted. Will he ever get 7TV?

Breaking News: Members of the Minecraft youtube twitter (mcyttwt) community are coining the term “poosniff” after a tweet from popular news page “Poodson Slightly More Durable News”

Me moving back onto your fyp after not posting for months:

Imagine logging on twitch and finding out your new username is hoss6969_milk 😭

Join the discord! It’s all spooky for the season (:

I need instagram to come back online. Just saw somebody post mall selfies in the amazon reviews of a microphone 😭

I didn’t forget RTs appreciated. Ghostbur filter by

You know you stream too much when you start calling your friends chat

Im about to get back on my hank green arc

// nsfw One of my friends visits an anime shop every weekend and offered to send stuff for my setup. My dad opened the package before I woke up… I want to undo the conversation I had to have 😭

LIVE NOW next up on the is Valorant ! hosted by ft !! remember all proceeds are going to the Astraea Foundation!

The voice at the smoothie king drive through go from sally to joshua real quick 😭