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Jessica William

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골든차일드(Golden Child) DDARA 속삭임 + 애교😍 /[키스 더 라디오] l kbs 211018방송

Golcha's radio schedules in oct until this week

🐮: our seungmin came back from pooping! 👥: yea~~wooo!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ~~ why r they applauding a toilet trip??. 🤣🤣 just another day in golcha world!

my ultimate serotonin boost

😂😂😂 a listener sent in a message saying that she had a short argument with her husband but she heard golcha’s ddara on the radio just now & got excited so she was like “why are we fighting??” and became calm. she thanked them for protecting their family peace LOL

jangjun bought coffee with his own card today for the dream radio team. he said he felt like he only kept receiving from the staffs so he should also show that he loves dream radio, and that dream radio isn’t having a one-sided crush with him 😂

jj said that fans who joined the fandom late says sorry for not becoming a fan earlier. he tells them that they did well in coming now bc he’s more handsome now than last time 😂 & he couldn’t talk this excitedly last time since he was a rookie & had company restrictions then 😅

[💡] 여러분! 잠시 후 PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM '' 이 출연합니다❗ 주디와 함께하는 키스더라디오의 세 번째 밤😘 오늘도 주키라에서 기다릴게요🌙

HAHAHA woohyun taught joochan the highlight of the dance and joochan caught it right away so woohyun was like “oh you got it right away? how is that? i practiced this for months but you got it right away!” 😆

💜You don’t look nervous at all 🦊Actually I have been nervous since the day I got the KTR sched & know that there will be guest. I keep thinking how should I do it and since you are my senior… 💜Awww 🦊Thanks to you talking to me, I feel less nervous now

jc’s mother contacted him after his radio yesterday and texted him that it’s okay to make mistakes & he did well! his mom is very fast at giving feedbacks and cold. she compliments him but also tells him what he didn’t do well in, so he thinks he can do it comfortably today!

i srsly love how the ssap team hypes woong and jangjun so much lmao

[💡] 여러분! 잠시 후 PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM '' 이 출연합니다❗ 주디와 함께하는 키스더라디오의 두 번째 밤😘 오늘의 주키라도 기대 많이 해주세요💖

joochan singing sunmi’s ‘heroine’ in front of her & he’s singing it in the original key wow her reaction is so relatable!!!

sunmi’s dancers are also in born black and golcha promos always overlap with one another too so the bb members always say ‘our golcha is out! we should monitor them!’ when they promote together. jc said he heard they talk about golcha a lot & he wonder if they’re sick of them😂

sunmi knows rapampam like the queen she is 😭


a compilation of center jibeom in ddara

The behind of the Inkigayo photo: 🐥We don’t actually do this often. I just asked Seungmin to come here and he sat down asking why, then I just put my head on his lap as soon as he sat down. He was flustered but stayed still for me

조금 많이 떨리지만 잘 다녀올게요 이번주 10시는 제가 책임질게요☺️