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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

God keeps doing amazing things I don't deserve to me.

If it is true that medikal was arrested then the Ghana Police service is bias. Why dem no show us photo and a statement like they did with the others?

The president disrespects a Chief because he is not his native tribe Chief and you want to call people tribalistic for pointing the fact out. Ah well!, They voted for him.

You dey talk about how Government dey increase petrol but he gogo drag some screenshot from 2014 come. The country dey spoil but niggas dey see ahm quiz ground. He go finish then come open space crack tongues add.

I took your criticisms and went back to do better. Get ready for “Alhaji Waakye.”Preorder only. 🌚🤝🥘: Honey Glazed Pan-Seared Steak + Waakye (with Mexican Kidney Beans)+ Soft Fried Plantain + Capellini Strand Pasta + Avocado served with .

I'll never forget the day a lady shared a job ad in a WhatsApp group. She posted at 7am. March 1st, 2021. Just 5 hours later, she said she had enough candidates for the role & wasn't going to consider any more applicants. Deadline stated on the job ad was March 15th, 2021,😂💀.

How can this be waakye.... The beans be 7. This is coloured rice with beans garnishing

“check up on people! check up on people” if them open up to you finish, then you take do topic for discussion for your various groups inside. allow people to die with their stories they can't share. it's equally accepted. human beings, plenty bi forkn.

The incredible wanluv with us in London at the exhibition Lazarus.

I think the one week remands is okay and better than 3 months+ in prison. We all will take learn.

Happy birthday Apostle Eric Nyamekye Chairman of The Church of Pentecost The Lord be with you, Aps Chairman.🎉🎊🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊🎊

"let me confess..."?? This couldn't have gotten any worst and shameful. Sigh!

I don’t know her but wow! Just wow! She looks soo presentable my God!

Goliath run him mouth against God & the Israelite, for days he dey talk anyhow dey se yeye Israelites in the open but when person wey sabi him identity in God show, the runner of mouth fall flat & the Philistines japa.

Almost ready, Crossing some T’s and Dotting some I’s 👽

Lemme be your best Tilapia plug🐟🤲 0558547441…call to place your orders

He’s interested in every detail of your life (Psalm 37:23) as much that he knows the number of hairs you have on your head (Luke 12:7) I’m challenging you to speak to God about that thing you think doesn’t matter. What attire to wear? Yes, he’s interested.

Can’t even criticize a sitting government you voted into power without someone thinking you’re part of the opposition. Saa mo gyimii no.

Slots are opened for tomorrow(Thursday). Tamale only. Please help me with a retweet. God bless you

The officers stopped us. They asked us where we were coming from. We told them we were just coming from a Ball Viewing centre. They requested to see Our phones. Kenneth asked them "Why"? The officer questioning us gave him a deadly look.Before i could blink an eye,