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Jessica William

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Would love to see the Fearsome Five in s4, they’ve already had run ins with Dr. Light, Gizmo, & Shimmer so there is existing history. As a team with a variety of powers and abilities, there’s a way for all of the Titans to be involved, unlike previous villains.

her starbolts have varied in appearance, they originally changed colors depending on strength of the blast ranging from yellow, pink, orange, & even violet, and they’ve been straight fire blasts…but I do not understand where the blue electricity came from 😭

and i watched in theaters so if it’s shit on hbomax don’t look at me

was anything worthwhile said in that titans livestream

i’m sorry that shit ate i need the sequel now.. they was digging and stealing from star wars bag but they did it well

dune was 5 stars. and i’m so serious.

someone screen record brenton’s whole live im so serious

my stomach hurts so bad..

in the line to see dune and there’s a group of people behind me asking what are the eternals 😭😭

oh the first one looks sickening as pink..

donna needs to stay on titans so sorry. i need my donnakory friendship like i need oxygen so somebody else gonna have to get the boot

kory’s rings and nails why she be dressed all the way down

waited all season for them to reunite just to get a measly ass hug and barely any dialogue

. does brenton feed you because them nachos wasn’t looking too hot?