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Jessica William

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: the end of all things ♡

LEE KNOW WEEK DAY 3 🐰🤍: share your favorite performance or dance moment by lee know!!

LEE KNOW WEEK DAY 2 🐰🤍: share pics of your cats or your favorite content of lee know and his cats!! starts at 10pm kst

hope chan knows how much we love him for who he is -- yes the music helped us discover skz, but the music alone can't make millions of people stay... it was him & the members :(

LEE KNOW WEEK DAY 1 🐰🤍: from the many inspiring things lee know has done and said, share your favorite(s) with the # above!!! so happy to start celebrating lee know week today :))

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "소리꾼" M/V ⚡100 MILLION VIEWS⚡ 벌써 다섯 번째👋 1억 뷰! Thank you STAY💗

🔥마피아 현진🔥 다섯 글자로 아오먼을 찢고 간 10월의 아티스트! 지금 바로 스튜디오 춤에서 만나보세요🖤 ▶

lee know demonstrating how to win squid game so true king

STAYS! Please join us in celebrating Lee Know's birthday through daily events as seen in the calendar ~ let’s make it a wonderful birthday week for Lee Know together!! 🐰🤍   

今夜スキズとのお時間、いかがでしたか? スキズもSTAYと一緒で幸せな1日でした❣️ これからもずっとスキズのそばにいてください!

STAYの皆さん❣️Scarsの初ステージ、いかがでしたか? かっこいいステージが見せられてStray Kidsも嬉しいです♪ Stray Kidsの行き先はまだまだですから、これからも応援よろしくお願いします!

the last one hIS SMILE my entire heart

lee know is the cutest

straykids 일본 소리꾼 C버전 ZINE

lee know is a whole content creator his subtitles, sound effects, bg music….. vloggers watch out

this is the peak of boyfriend lee know

10.13発売。ぴあMUSIC COMPLEX(PMC)Vol.21 Stray Kids表紙+50P!ロングインタビュー+100Qで2万6千字超え! 中面カット一部公開! ▼Amazon予約 ▼タワーレコード予約