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Jessica William

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Painting with light: The sensor features make sure only the pure light levels are captured and rendered sharper. See more here:

Camera ready! It's all about the framing to tell a story. Siegfried Hansen with the :

"For me, the camera is an instrument to express my creativity." -Siegfried Hansen. Watch his story now.

Photography is a matter of perspective. Siegfried Hansen finds visual compositions in the colors and lines of everyday life. This series with the focuses on the graphic relationships and formal connections within one frame.

A look at the world in Monochrom 📷 with Siegfried Hansen. See more on the :

''One automatically and consciously concentrates only on subjects that would also only come into their own in black and white, without being distracted by a colorful environment.'' -Fabian Reichenbach See more on the here:

''You try to imagine the environment, certain structures, shapes, image details and even the final result in monochrom in your inner eye beforehand.'' -Fabian Reichenbach More on the here:

📷 Fabian Reichenbach with the Stretch your creativity and shoot black-and-white photography. Take photos in high-contrast settings to create a unique range of toning.

In Monochrom mode… Fabian Reichenbach landing bolts with the .

The was one of the first Soviet space cameras & was designed for the Soyuz 4 space mission where commander Vladimir Shatalov flew the Soyuz 4 by himself & after a successful docking, brought the crew safely home. More:

A prototype M Summarit 1.4/5cm will also make an appearance at the 39th . This lens shows some of the characteristics of the early prototype Summarit 1.4/50mm lenses. Learn more here:

With the black paint, the 39th offers yet another sought-after black paint from the fifties. The camera is in excellent, unrestored condition and comes with an original Swedish invoice from 1960! More:

The legend of the began at the “Photokina” fair in Cologne in 1956 when the camera was introduced. Shown here is the Leica MP black paint no.55, which remains in beautiful condition. For a closer look:

The 39th camera auction of the renowned auction house "Leitz Photographica Auction" will be held on November 20th in Vienna this year. Featuring various unique collector's items, bidders from over 100 countries are expected to participate. For more:

Experience the world of photography at The Ernst Leitz Museum! The reopened museum offers four newly designed experience zones that give visitors a taste of all there is to catch up on and uncover. Open Mon.- Sun. from 10 am to 6 pm. More info:

Did you know that only around a dozen of the Leica 0-Series cameras have survived until today? As a highlight to celebrate the reopening of The Ernst Leitz Museum, visitors will be able to see an original 0-Series camera #105, owned by Oskar Barnack himself.

The Ernst Leitz Museum in Leitz-Park Wetzlar is celebrating its reopening! After the completion of extensive alterations based on an innovative and interactive museum concept, a modern museum of photography is now ready to open its doors on October 1st. Stay tuned!

The first Thambar-M was released in 1935 and even today, this lens is still an exciting contrast to the sharp rendition of lenses. Series by Mark de Paola. Shop now: #🔴📷

''I shoot Leica because of its unobtrusive nature.'' -Mark de Paola with the Thambar M-Lens. These romantic aesthetics are not only unmatched by any other lens to this day, but also impossible to replicate in digital post-processing.

Blinded by Beauty. The Thambar-M allows photographers to experience the unique characteristics of this classic lens; or as the Greek would say, ‘me thambose me teen omorfia tis’ – 'to be blinded by beauty.' Discover the look here: