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Jessica William

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I wish grad classes weren't always just "get students up to research speed asap", like it'd be nice to just build out a solid foundation of knowledge without so much publication pressure 😩

To mathematicians who didn't follow live because (like me) they were sleeping: good morning! rise, shine, and read this. AND FOLLOW STARTING YESTERDAY

Advanced Linear Algebra midterm finished on Thursday and Group Theory midterm on Monday. Somewhere in this weekend I’ll put down the books and try to have a little bit of a life.

With turning 40 in a couple months I’m definitely going to be getting a long board next year. I love skating and the feel of the ride, but I don’t want to be laid up for a week due to a pebble. I mean I rarely try tricks anymore anyway.

Ordinals in art !

Sorry present and future generations. We could have fixed the world but some billionaires wanted to keep hoarding their wealth and we all decided that their happiness was worth more than staving off climate issues.

My day is going well, thank you.

I mean graph theory can have two purposes right!?!

maybe it's not that ppl are bad at math but that math (education) has been bad to ppl

I am once again asking people to learn history of science and realize that the ‘lone genius’ trope, in almost every case, absolute BS. Science is and always has been a collective endeavor which more people should have access to.

It’s important to have a good grad school advisor. I’m glad mine is good at communicating and listening and understanding.

Colleague: the only numbers I know are 0, 1 and 2 Me: that's not closed under addition! Colleague: depends on how bad I am at addition

Today I randomly came across a picture of Dummit and Foote wearing some great t-shirts.

For all my lil'uns out there just meeting their first delta-epsilon proofs. Stay strong!

Stress studying math while my daughter is quarantined has this feeling!

Taking timed quizzes online in grad school while taking care of your 6yo daughter who has covid is not great.

Hey fellow math twitterers ever feel like this!