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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I'm not even a Wes Anderson fan but I never understand people who shit on his style. Why wouldn't you want a filmmaker with a distinctive and consistent style when 99% of everything else looks like gray sludge

just do it bestie

oh wow lrt just threw me back to absolute boyfriend (the manga!!!!) art style

omg i saw a kcarat said that it seemed like woozi and mingyu didn’t match the beat together but then noticed dk is like the drummer and wz mg are the drums 😭 it makes sense now

why does nobody ever talk about this WayVoice #1 btw this is a MASTERPIECE

Kun: I'm only 25- Chenle: sure grandpa let's get you to bed

this is me saying that i watched the first 2 seconds of him singing wuji, squeaked, blushed, put my phone down, took a deep breath and then tried to watch it again while blushing deeply and only made it to 7 seconds

liu haikuan has a lovely voice but it is so husky and low that i literally feel my face flushing every time i hear him sing

’s studio weibo update

His dance is powerful and beautiful at the same time! Clean moves and good control! It's always enjoyable to watch 's performances!

Every time I get a gray hair I remember that one of my stem cells is like, “the working conditions here are awful and I am done.” And I respect that, from a labor perspective

hello future is the perfect summer anthem. the way the chorus soars just takes me back to memories of sunny days laying by the river in my biggest softest t shirt and swimsuit 🥺

김정우 얼굴 ㅆㅂ....... 이거 CG아냐?


i cracked up so hard at the random dubstep dance break, it doesn’t fit the vibe at all but it’s part of sm’s classic title track formula at this point

ughhh the way the chorus builds is so angsty and ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹