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Jessica William

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1/ Starting today, Candy Machine V2 is the official Metaplex Candy Machine for Solana NFTs. - Faster and Cheaper - Drop 1M NFTs - Pre-sales - Bot resistant with CAPTCHAS

We at are very excited to partner with and co-lead recent $46m round for . Sharing some thoughts on this opportunity

"We are keen to support projects & developers who are expanding the functionality of the protocol” Focuses: 🦾 Introducing an open NFT standard & minting program 🦾 Tools that further enable P2P commerce & Web3 identity systems using an on-chain social graph

Proud day for the entire ecosystem. and their incredibly hard working team is gearing up for mass adoption. Big day for us fam 🙏🏼🚀

NFTs as we know them today are just the beginning and the team is building with that future in mind. Congrats and the rest of the team!

"Since launching in June 2021, it has become one of the most popular solutions for creators to launch NFTs storefronts." We're excited for what's to come, ! 👏 More on why we invested via :

. raises $46M to expand support for gaming and metaverse applications Via

Michael Jordan-backed NFT marketplace raises $46 million in latest funding round to expand into metaverse. My latest for

Huge congrats to and the entire team! Excited to watch them onboard millions into the metaverse. 🚀

Unbelievably excited for the entire community of has shown the world a new paradigm for NFTs, and today is just the beginning.

Since August, has been used to create over 5.7 million for 85,000 projects 🔥

Truly a multi-team effort, but we couldn’t have done it without our diverse supporters around the world. Thank you all for believing in our vision of a people-first Metaverse. This is for the creators, the builders. is just getting started. 🦾

Congrats to the team — we owe everything to infrastructure being built and it’s only the beginning!⚡️

Stoked to be an investor in *the* NFT standard, ⁦⁩, alongside Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, ⁦⁩, ⁦⁩, ⁦⁩, ⁦⁩ and so many other key players in the NFT space.

So proud of our team at ! This is a team + community effort. More to come and only the beginning. 🦾

Congrats to the entire team on this huge news. MJ and on the lede. Two GOATS. Straight flames🔥🚒🔥 LFG! Thanks, for bringing us into the Solana NFT ecosystem

Metaplex is making a strategic pivot into metaverses and gaming with its $46 million investment round. NBA legends Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson also participated in the raise. Reporting by CT Business Editor

raises more millions. , the leading protocol in the world of NFTs, raised $46 million in a funding round led by Multicoin and Jump, and Michael Jordan (yes that Michael Jordan).