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13.“Random” function gives the computer the freedom to move according to itself.

11.“Delay” function is used to give time between functions. It is given in milliseconds. 12. To make more hands, we repeat the same code for the new servo/hand. The entire process is repeated until you achieve the required robot.

9.“For” is a loop which means a repetitive task till the condition remains true. 10. After the loop runs once, a++ = a+1. Therefore, the new value of a will be 1 because earlier it was 0. So, 0+1=1, and so on.

8. Servo- a type of hand that we can move and pass instructions to. A code has to be added to provide the chip with the brain of the servo as well. This enables the chip to know that a servo/ hand has been attached to the respective pin.

7. We start by making one hand, connecting the negative terminal to the ground, the positive terminal to the voltage, and PWM to the right side into any of the pins.

6. To give power, we use the negative(servo1:GND) and positive(servo1:V+) terminals, and to regulate or instruct we use servo1:PWM. Regulating is similar to the regulator of a fan which allows us to define how much we want the fan to move.