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Jessica William

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This week's collection comes from a walk through Monk's Dale yesterday... πŸ„

'NOTHING IN CHRISTIAN Casarotto’s scientific training prepared him for the dead bodies. β€œThe first time, I found a leg,” the glaciologist says...' Online version of my latest long read for –looks even better in their gorgeous Nov/Dec print issue

Watching us, watching them... πŸ‘€ Close encounters of the feathered kind on last week's walks.

Pen y Ghent and a glimpse of Ingleborough from Great Whernside last weekend...

Swapped the hills for woodland today and it's amazing what you come across when you actually start looking! πŸ„ Would love to start learning all the types of fungi.

I’ll be setting off on my non stop 69 mile walk from Abergele to Manchester later today. This walk is dedicated to my dad who I lost in Dec 20. The nerves are kicking in!! I wonder how many brick walls I’ll hit. As ever this walk is for

Black Edge... Time to head back home now for second breakfast. πŸ˜„

Another beautiful morning in the Peak District... πŸŒ„ (Click to expand πŸ“·)

What a morning to be out and about... πŸ”†πŸ˜Ž

A trio of toadstool collections for - seems to be a good year for them, from what I've seen on here. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ„

Second half of last Sunday's walk, down from the summit of Great Whernside and back to Kettlewell via Hag Dyke and Dowber Beck. Route courtesy of (though we did it in reverse).

A few pictures from the first half of our walk up onto Great Whernside last weekend... Route courtesy of .

Please vote FOR the resolution to ban trail hunting members. It may be legal, but we all know the practice involves cruelty

As Friedrich Nietzsche once almost said, if you gaze long enough into a dahlia, the dahlia will gaze back into you. Be careful out there in those herbaceous borders... 🌺😳

Was pleased to see last weekend that the folk at Ordnance Survey have started putting contour lines on the ground and not just on the maps. Makes it that bit easier to work out where you are... πŸ—ΊοΈπŸ˜„