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Jessica William

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So, we were making a podcast about competition law & merger rules, and somehow finished up talking about craft beer at Canberra Stadium & the incredible Iran-Iraq Asian Cup QF in 2015...

The FSA has pledged to increase the number of women in its elected positions as part of the industry-wide campaign led by :

How is only 3? 🎂 Imagine how good she'll be in a few more years 💪🏽⚽️

are back on Aussie soil for 2 friendlies. But unfortunately Covid has meant not everyone who wants to go to the matches can. For these 2 games we will have halftime and fulltime for any fans that aren’t able to go, to join in.

Please have a listen … and if you can, donate at the link to support these athletes and their families now in Australia via & the ❤️⚽️

Hands up if you're excited for to be back on home soil 🙌🎟 at is just 5 days away:

😭 Did you miss our recent event for ? 😍 Don't worry... we've got you sorted. Watch it back, here! 👉 ACON | Clifford Chance LLP | Rugby Australia | Water Polo Australia | Football Australia 🌈

Nothing to see here...just a casual catch 😎 Spectacular take Bridge! 🤯

This work is a marathon, not a sprint. We're working to provide support to this group in the years ahead. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support these efforts

An incredible finish! 😱 wins the Goal of the Month award for September! 👏

Getting used to seeing turning up at the big games, casually standing next the world's biggest players ... Looking forward to seeing & in Sydney soon!

Well then!! Her Majesty might like to pop down to Kingsmeadow or Meadow Park to see some of her Subjects in action in the ? Or perhaps the next Royal Visit is being lined up for 2023 ? ⚽️😊

Turns out I'm a 🎬🎤😄 If you're interested in competition law - sports analogies generously included - have a listen! Thanks for the chance to do this

hey maybe that’s a bug not a feature!

The first time a game has been refereed by a woman and it should be the first of many. History made and another step closer to the World Cup. 🦁🦁🦁