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eyes closed by rosé (2019)

You know all your tweet was gonna do is cause fanwars because it’s shady cause both of them debuted in 2021. But you’re a blink so that’s where it makes all sense. God will appear on earth, the sun will rise from the west, the day blinks actually support rosé😂

blinks can't even acknowledge rosé's achievements what makes you believe they ACTUALLY HELPED in achieving them 😭

i thought this tweet was from a solo stan at first but wasnt surprised when its a blink. I mean yall forget rosé exists anyways. couldve complimented both cause both their solos were huge hits, me as a solo stan can admit it but blinks rather shade one member to praise the other

Its so boring without rosé i guess i'll be back whenever we get a proper update next 😭

Everyone saying “y’all are getting mad over a collab” I’m sorry you got mad over some fcking rumors

Confucius once said “Don't complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when your own doorstep is un-clean”

Hope you only get the best things in life because that’s what you deserve love❤️ I miss rosé

We’ve finally had enough come on go live when you wake up tomorrow and sing some covers for us do some damage control😙

Rosé truly is the main event now no matter what’s happening😭trending with almost 250k tweets

I think this was the last straw, I pray for the girls actually it’s none of their fault, yg and yge should be dragged to the pits of hell why can’t they just treat everyone right🙃there’s desperate need for damage control right now

Manifesting the collab with you yes 🤞🏻nobody cares about being dragged by user fantasylisa05 pls I’d rather get some fucking music

All big fanbases are pissed too rosé go live do some damage control we need bits 2

updated list. •IU •joy (rv) •ph-1 •jung seunghwan •lena (gwsn) •akmu •shaun (soloist) •jae (day6) •honne •wolftyla •kingston (yg china) •gallant •skylar gray •stephanie poetri •bearface •SZA •leona lewis •bella poarch •ayami (rookie gg member)

Blackpink fandom is the worst especially right now all because of yg because they can’t focus on any of the girls properly and on top of that don’t release contents regularly which leaves people with nothing but time on their hands to argue

Blinks will never use the fcking logic they see a rosé pfp and start the ratios

Blinks are such hypocrites look at the ratio and Lisa wasn’t even mentioned in the first tweet it was

Exactly like Lisa wasn’t even mentioned it was only complaints against yg which lizards and blinks have been doing for Lisa like every other week. Now that one rosé account does it suddenly it’s a big deal?