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Zay momma walked in on us 🤦🏽‍♀️ •20likes •2 rtws

Ok so me and zay was at him onna bed layin down watchin all American *highly recommend * and he got a call Zay: hello Hm: hey wat y'all doin Zay: nun watchin Netflix wyd Hm: nothing I want y'all to one over cs I want serenity to help me cook for the family gathering at 3:00

Hm: and tell my baby I sed Heyy Me : Heyy momma Zay: ok momma we Finna be on tha way Hm: ok y'all be careful I love y'all Us: I love u to ma So we got up Nd got in tha shower I put on *pic* he put on *pic* FF/ so we pulled up to his momma house it wasn't that many people

Cs it was only 12:00 so he got his key so he unlocked tha door Nd let me go in first and his momma was standing by tha door Talkin to his father Hm&dad: heyyyy Yall I'm glad y'all made it Me: Heyy yalll Zay: wassup momma wassup pops wat y'all been up to ??

Hm and hd: good wat about y'all Me: we been good So we went in tha livin room and spoke to everybody so FF/ we been here for about 2-3 hours nd he texts me *pic* nd I was laughing tha while Time cs it's tha fact tha he dead ass wanna fuck in his momma house 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ !

So we get up an started walk-in towards tha stairs I stop nd ask Me: where we goin tha bathroom Zay: my room baby So we go up to his room nd he pulled my hair cs I was walking to tha bed so we kissing Nd Shii Zay: mama take dis off So I take my clothes off

Nd he started suckin on my tittes so I'm moanin nd Shii so he lay me on tha bed Like in missionary nd he took off his clothes nd stared eating me out Me: omggg b-baeee He jus kept goin nd I came he got up d stuck it in I moaned so loud Me: DADDYYYYY O-OHH FUCKKK

He was stroking Soo fast Yall nd I was moan so loud we did dat for about 10 mins nd he told me turn around in backshots Zay: Fuck ma I-im f-Finna nut He butter nd he pulled out nd he laid me on my side nd got behind me nd started fuckin my Shii up Me : daddy slow downnnnnn

Zay: hn yo pussy so good Me: d-daddy I'm f-finnna squirt 😩 Zay: hold dat Shii Me: daddy I can't omgggg As soon as I was bout to squirt his door swung open I was facing tha door nd he was behind me so she could see everything thing Hm:omg wth come downstairs wen yall done

So wen she left he kept goin nd I squirted nd he nutted nd we got up nd he got me a hot towel nd we put our clothes back on Zay: yk we aint fucked in like 3 days i needed dat 😂😂 Me: boy it ain't been dat long 🤣 Zay: ofc we needa fuck everyday Me: NOOO DF WE DONT

Zay: Manee Ight cmon Me: zay stop playin wimme😒 We walked out his room nd it was like 7:00 nd we walked downstairs his momma nd hi auntie was sitting on tha couch Yall his auntie love me cs normally wen she see me she b smilin buh wen we came downstairs she was lookin mad

So she told me to one outside wit her so we went in tha backyard by tha pool area ( zay auntie - Za) Za: Serenity now u know y'all shouldn't have did dat if u knew u was Gon b loud like dat Me: no tt I told him no buh he jus insisted on doin it Za: ok cmon

Yall I felt so bad so we went back in tha house nd his mama did dis *gif* nd I went ova to her nd zay

Hm: ok I'm not mad buh don't let me see yall fuckin in my house nd Serenity u was loud zay if yk she b loud any Otha time yk she was Gon b loud then Zay: my fault ma I wasn't thinkin Hm: I can tell u could hear her Ova tha music Me : I'm sorry momma Hm: baby it's ok

Zay: ma where everybody at Hm: in tha pool So we all got up went in tha backyard nd finished wen we got home we fucked sumo nd we go inna shower we ate nd went to sleep

Thank y'all for readin Yall my phone been acting up for so long it still is buh I got dis out for y'all sorry for any mistakes 💕.