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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Yaptığın tek şey her gün daha fazla parlamak, seninle gurur duyuyoruz 🥺✨👏🏼

Ratings literally ruin everything, you can’t even watch your favorite dizi in peace because all you think about is the damn ratings the next day, I hate this 🙄

Güzel ve cesur kadınları görmeyi seviyorum 😍🤤🔥

Serdar: “There’s a bear, a big bear” Hulki: “Brother did you just call me a bear?” I love so much! 🙆🏻‍♀️😂🧸

Tomorrow we are probably getting the photos for the episode… 😌

I don’t understand Çağlar for sure does more… but anyways 🙄

Someone from Turkey please start this thread 🤧

For somera list an example AyFer YağmurTanrısevsin GökhanAlkan

deserves to be here as well, we need to work harder for it to happen 🤧😩

“Sakin ol, sakin ol…” 😳

“Cuando empiezas a actuar, tienes que resistir. Mi estrella no brilló de repente. Llegué rascando con las manos donde estoy ahora.”

Deniz is really the biggest stan and I find that so cute and adorable 🥺

The scene of Ferit and the new dude with the cars “competing” was cringy and unnecessary

Sen hep gel, bombayı bırak ve git, seni seviyorum 🤣🧡

🔥22🔥 Of of offffff 😌

Azade really had the opportunity a few times to save Ayşe with that video and she didn’t! I just remember how she said “I won’t save you because you don’t deserve a place in this family” and I don’t feel bad for her at all 🤷🏻‍♀️