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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Hyolyn Isolated vocals thread !

absolutely insane—half a million workers on general strike today in sk to demand more decision making power & rights in the workplace along with nationalizing various manufacturing industries & socializing healthcare and education. complete solidarity with them & their cause


don’t even need to sing the songs, the runwayz got me >>>>>

Ningning fancams getting the least views will be my 13th reason

탐라 이목끌기

Fun fact: every number one singles of Janet Jackson are SOLO.

I know that whole plane was fragrance in seasoning from front to back

maybe if those 4.256 people bought THAT song it wouldn’t be #113 😭

I need y’all to stop wishing pregnancy on megan…….

Giving animals serious human names will never not kill me because why is your dog named Deontay 😂😂😂

Hottie sauce good, sweet heat is shaking 😂

yet she be laid up with me every night… he going out sad 🙁

Why tf almost all my fav deserts got cheese or milk in it . Some of these dairy free substitutes ain’t cutting it